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The last war

Our place in the Universe is the third in succession planet in the Solar system.
We call it Mother Earth.

Garbage. Tons of garbage. Garbage mountains are sweeping the planet with a triumph of the winner. Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Plastic oceans. Stinky trash hole instead of blossoming gardens. It is not a nightmare or a plot for a horror movie. It is our reality. Sad story, isn't it? Some of us, reading these lines, shook our heads, shrug our shoulders, and sigh - "what can I do about it? Is one can make a difference alone? " We say yes, you can. Let's start with a small thing, begin with ourselves.

Most of the companies working in the segment of organic, natural - and pseudo-natural - cosmetics emphasize only the contents of their products, forgetting that any industrial product will become an empty package after a certain period, in the case of cosmetic products be plastic.

And very soon, this used stuff will take its place at the enormous dumps. by-cosmetics says "No!" expansion of the plastic. We don't want to participate. Our dream is to let our children and future generations grew up surrounded by unspoiled forests, running barefoot on the white sand beaches and looking into the clear lakes with their eyes wide open. We are fascinated by the little paradise of Bali. We admire the horizonless spaces of our motherland and love our home – the Earth. by-cosmetics philosophy is love and grateful attitude toward ourselves, the world we live in, and mother nature. In everyday life and our work, we are committed to all-natural and try to minimize future wrongs that may cause our planet's health.

In 2014, the production of municipal solid waste amounted to three billion tons a year. Eight million tons per day. Daily per capita - about 1.2 kg. But modern technology lets to recycle about 80% of this waste; first, it should be collected and then – delivered to specialized plants. Imagine the amount of debris scattered around your house, on the banks of rivers, floating in natural waters is reduced by three quarters. It is within our reach. Thanks to our help, the world could breathe easier. We invite you to participate in our eco-friendly programs dedicated to collecting and recycling aluminum bottles and jars released under our brand.

Take just one step – your contribution to developing our environmental and conservation programs will help preserve our beautiful Earth alive! This includes the recycling of aluminum bottles and containers from products manufactured under our brand, and the land cleaning from unauthorized dumping of garbage. Give our delivery guy ten empty aluminum cans from the by-cosmetics products and get a miniature of your favorite products as a gift 🎁

by-cosmetics philosophy is "love, and have a grateful attitude towards ourselves, the world we live in and mother nature". In everyday life and the manufacture of our products, we are committed to "all-natural" and minimize the harm that may cause our planet's health. Our waste production - is bio-degradable organic matter. For packing, we use the most environmentally friendly materials - cosmetics aluminum and paper cardboard.


If you are already a regular customer in Indonesia and you care about the cleanliness and health of our planet, then this eco-friendly version of the product without a pump and a cardboard box is made especially for you, and at a more attractive price. How to use: simply unscrew the pump from the used bottle, rinse and pump it several times with hot water, after that install it on a new one. The pump has a long service life.

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Recycling our aluminum packaging saves a lot of energy and time in extracting this sought-after metal from the ground. Its recycling and reuse is 95% more profitable than the production of primary raw materials. And it is many times easier in comparison with the same operation with plastic or paper. Aluminum can be reused indefinitely, greatly reducing resource consumption and helping to protect the environment.

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