Terms of Sale

Service conditions

The provisions of this section set the conditions of sale on the WEB-site, govern the relationship between the Shopper and the Seller in the sale of goods and remotely provide, in connection with such sale, services.

  1. The basic concepts used in this Regulation mean the following:
    "Shopper" - a citizen who intends to purchase or order or ordering, buying or using the products presented at this WEB site;
    "Seller" - the company PT Bali Ytka NPWP 31.533.513.2-905.000 sells goods remotely (legal address: Br. Tegal Saat, desa Pejeng Kangin, Tampaksiring, Gianyar, Bali 80552, Indonesia);
    "sale of goods remote way" - sale of goods under a contract of sale, concluded based on acquaintance with the Shopper to Seller's description of the product contained in this WEB site, excluding the possibility of direct acquaintance with the Shopper of the goods or samples of goods after such an agreement.
  2. The contract of sale is concluded in the proper form from the confirmation of an order on the WEB site. The ordering on the WEB site constitutes acceptance of the Shopper with the terms of the sale of goods and to the conditions of accession of Purchaser sale as a whole. The information contained on the site is a public offer. You can read the terms of purchase. The proposal for the sale of goods (offer) is a product available. The purchase contract is concluded with the payment of the goods, in the case of pre-payment of the goods or case of confirmation, and the Shopper agrees with the order when you select at the time of payment of the goods direct delivery.
  3. All prices are presented on the WEB site, listed in Indonesian rupiah, including VAT, and do not include shipping costs.
  4. When confirming the order by pressing "Confirm Purchase" on the WEB site, the Shopper notifies its complete and unconditional agreement with the order's contents and agrees to conclude a contract by these Terms and Conditions Sale of goods.
  5. Once the order is registered, an e-mail is sent to the Shopper's confirmation of the registration of the order. This message confirms that the order of the Shopper was accepted for processing and preparation and evidence of the contract between Seller and Shopper on distance selling of goods through this WEB site.
  6. Company PT Bali Ytka organizes the delivery of goods to the Shopper. Shipping is paid. The terms, cost, can find delivery times in the Delivery section.
  7. Any additional information on this product, you can find out by phone +62 81239 666 333, +62 81239 666 999.


  1. Payment of the goods is carried out in two ways: by cash to the courier, bank cards on this WEB site, bank transfer to our company accounts.
  2. Payment by bank cards is made by redirecting to the electronic payment system Xendit.
  3. Credit cards are made by forwarding to the website of electronic payments Xendit.
  4. Electronic funds transfer system Xendit does not transmit the card data Shopper online store or other third parties. Secure Payments by credit card technology provides a secure HTTPS connection and two-factor authentication by 3D Secure.


  1. Courier services deliver the goods. Clarify the price and time of delivery of the goods that can be going in the Delivery section.
  2. Upon receipt of the order, the Shopper should make sure in the presence of the courier that the goods correspond to the ordered (by assortment, quantity, value), do not have mechanical damage. After receiving the goods and signing documents confirming proper execution of duties by the Seller to transfer the goods, claims for equipment, the appearance of the goods, and incomplete information - are not accepted.
  3. Suppose the delivery of goods packaging has traces of the autopsy. In that case, the Shopper will note that fact in the documents confirming delivery, contact a representative of the company PT Bali Ytka by phone +62 81239 666 333, +62 81239 666 999, or fwrite to us in any form at hello@by-cosmetics.com.
  4. If the goods are defective or do not correspond to those ordered, the Seller undertakes no additional charge to replace the goods conveniently for the customer.

Return of goods

  1. Before the transfer of goods in the property and if the goods do not have the disadvantages and consequently are of appropriate quality, the Shopper may refuse to accept the goods but pay for Seller the cost of delivery.
  2. In the event of recourse to the Seller can write to us in any form at hello@by-cosmetics.com, indicating the issue date of the order of the goods on the WEB site, the date of actual delivery of the product, and the lot number printed on the label of the goods. The Shopper can also contact a representative of the company PT Bali Ytka by phone +62 81239 666 333, +62 81239 666 999.
  3. Seller agrees to check the quality. Suppose the scan quality is proved that the deficiency is responsible for the Seller. In that case, the Seller is obliged to replace the goods of inadequate quality and implement redelivery free of charge.