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  • Achillea Millefolium Oil (Yarrow)
    by-cosmetics Yarrow

    Achillea Millefolium Oil (Yarrow): You can find an exciting seasoning - yarrow leaves in the restaurant's main dishes. Our skin also loves the taste of the plant, or instead of its oils. Yarrow moisturizes and softens dry skin, tones tired skin, relieves irritation on oily skin. Hamazulen in its composition has an anti-inflammatory effect. The oil also improves fluid circulation in tissues, reduces swelling, and promotes rapid cell regeneration. Its herbal scent resembles the smell of a summer meadow, relieves headaches, and cleanses the respiratory system, making every breath of air total and saturated.
    Contained in Desire Body Butter, Oil 30+, Venus Bath Salt, Venus Bath Oil .

  • Agarose (Agar)
    by-cosmetics Gracilaria Chilensis

    Collected in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, seaweed agar is used in the kitchen of the world instead of gelatin. It is used to cook the souffle, ice cream, and marmalade. Agar extract contributes to the penetration of active ingredients that are a part of this cosmetic product into the epidermis and detoxifies soothing and anti-inflammatory effects. They include - 4% mineral salts, and 80% comes from polysaccharides: glucuronic (the main component of hyaluronic acid) and pyruvic acid (BHA-fat-soluble acid, penetrates the pores sebaceous plugs soften).
    Contained in Desire Body Butter, Mimpi Body Butter, Miracle Body Butter, One Love Body Butter, Simple Pleasure Body Butter.

  • Alcohol (Grain Alcohol)

    Fermented, purified alcohol obtained from whole grain by distillation and distillation has disinfecting and antiseptic properties. Due to its exceptional chemical composition, this component is an excellent helper in the fight against acne and acne.
    Contained in Facial Foam Cleanser.

  • Aleurites Moluccana Seed Oil (Kukui)
    by-cosmetics Kukui

    The homeland of Kukui nut oil is Hawaii, where it has been used for centuries to protect the delicate skin of babies from the sun and wind. Rich in linoleic, alpha-linolenic, and oleic acids (these are vital acids for a healthy metabolism), it perfectly soothes irritated epidermis after sun, thermal and chemical burns. It helps relieve the condition of firmer and itchy skin, protects against dehydration, penetrates new healthy cells.
    Contained in Kiss Me and OMNIA Hair Mask.

  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract
    by-cosmetics Aloe Barbadensis

    In Egypt, aloe juice was called the elixir of youth, and Indian tribes believed stems of aloe is where the goddess of health and prosperity lived. In all ages, exotic but easy to get accustomed to any conditions, the plant symbolizes good health. Aloe speeds up the regeneration of tissues, moisturizes and softens the skin, relieves inflammation, stimulates blood circulation, and protects youth. Women from all over the world "befriend" aloe for its properties that give skin a radiant and fresh look, providing it smooth and comfortable moistening.
    Contained in , Aphrodite Bath Oil, Gaya Bath Oil, Venus Bath Oil.

  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
    by-cosmetics Aloe Barbadensis

    In Egypt, aloe juice was called the elixir of youth, and Indian tribes believed stems of aloe is where the goddess of health and prosperity lived. In all ages, exotic but easy to get accustomed to any conditions, the plant symbolizes good health. Aloe speeds up the regeneration of tissues, moisturizes and softens the skin, relieves inflammation, stimulates blood circulation, and protects youth. Women from all over the world "befriend" aloe for its properties that give skin a radiant and fresh look, providing it smooth and comfortable moistening.
    Contained in Beauty, Cayenne Body Mask, Detox/Decos, Facelift, Royal Peeling Mask, Facial Foam Cleanser.

  • Alpinia Galanga Rhizome Extract (Lesser Galangal)
    by-cosmetics Alpinia Galanga (Galangal) Root

    Alpinia is an herbaceous plant of the ginger family, native to Southeast Asia. This medicinal plant accelerates metabolism, has antiseptic anti-fungal properties. Alpinia well moisturizes and improves skin color. It comprises enzymes, polysaccharides, and nutrients with antibacterial action cineole, eugenol, camphene, starch, iron, sodium, vitamins A and C. Since Alpinia is an aphrodisiac, her scent excites and enhances sexual attractiveness.
    Contained in Bali Body Scrub.

  • Ananas Sativus Fruit Extract (Pineapple)
    by-cosmetics Ananas

    Both adults and children love juicy and sweet pineapple fruits. There is a reason to love them: pineapple is rich in vitamins and minerals and valuable organic acids and sugars. It contains vitamin B complex, C, PP, E vitamins, and provitamin A, potassium, magnesium, and other essential minerals and microelements. However, the most valuable part of its composition is the enzyme complex called bromelain. That is why pineapple has unique anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory properties and effectively combating acne, dermatitis, and urticaria. It can dissolve dead skin cells. Therefore, it works as a gentle exfoliator dissolving, increasing tissue permeability and cellular metabolism.
    Contained in Royal Peeling Mask.

  • Aniba Rosaeodora Wood Oil (Rosewood)
    by-cosmetics Rosewood

    The honorable Rose tree attracts its statuesque beauty and an especially flowering period when its crown turns into a pink cloud. Its ether oil moisturizes, softens, smoothes the skin, evens tone, and erases pigmentation and vascular pattern traces. It improves blood circulation, and the skin begins to radiate freshness. Increases its elasticity; the protective functions are activated, removing skin irritation, flaking and cracks. Complex aroma is similar to expensive perfumes. It also helps in finding peace of mind and inner harmony.
    Contained in Cayenne Body Mask, Detox/Decos, Paradise Hydrate for all Skin Types, Oil 50+, Only You Women's Deodorant.

  • Anthemis Nobilis Flower Oil (Chamomile)
    by-cosmetics Chamomile

    Noble Roman chamomile - is a rare source of anti-inflammatory substances called azulene. The oil rescues the skin from several problems: irritation, allergic reactions, dermatitis, rosacea acne, burns, wounds, and fractures. It also promotes rapid tissue regeneration, relieves swelling under the eyes, softens and moisturizes the skin. The warm herbal scent of chamomile benefits the respiratory system relieves headaches, cures insomnia, calms, and relaxes.
    Contained in #FORHIM Shaving Cream, Hydrate for Dry-Normal Skin, Oil 20+.

  • Aquilaria Agallocha Oil (Agarwood)
    by-cosmetics Agarwood

    Rare, expensive, and almost mystical agarwood oil record holder in many ways. Its anti-aging effect, healing, and toning effect known since ancient times. Agarwood oil quickly relieves irritation and inflammation and has a mild astringent, effectively solving oily and combination skin problems, prone to rashes and acne. Magnetic oil fragrance clears the mind, and it helps to achieve mental clarity and emotional balance. Mixling with the secret of human skin, the scent is converted, plays, and gives a unique and unmistakable smell. The use of agarwood oil provides radiant beauty for your skin and the harmony of your soul!
    Contained in #FORHIM After Shave Hydrate, Only You Men's Deodorant & Agarwood Essential Oil.

  • Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil
    by-cosmetics argan oil

    Liquid Moroccan Gold - Argan Oil is one of the most valuable and useful hair care products. Argan oil contains youth vitamins A, E and F; unsaturated linoleic, linolenic and oleic acids; carotenoids and squalene natural moisturizer. It is able to bring back dry, brittle and damaged curls to life: restore their structure, strengthen and accelerate hair growth. Nourishes, moisturizes, silky and natural shine. Prevents hair loss, and also protects curls from the harmful effects of sunlight.
    Contained in OMNIA Hair Mask, Only You Women's Deodorant, Only You Men's Deodorant, Aphrodite Bath Oil, Gaya Bath Oil, Venus Bath Oil.

  • Arginine HCL
    by-cosmetics Arginine

    Arginine is a conditionally nonessential amino acid that forms the basis of many proteins and is produced in small quantities in the human body. Arginine improves blood circulation, as a result of which cells receive more nutrients and oxygen. Strengthens the hair structure, fills in damaged areas and restores the integrity of the hair shaft. Stimulates their growth and reduces hair loss.
    Contained in OMNIA Hair Mask.

  • Avena Sativa Meal
    by-cosmetics Avena Sativa

    Who does not know about the endless benefits of oat bread? Oats flour gently polishes clean skin, removing any tiny remnants of dead cells. In addition to a pleasant massage, oatmeal stimulates blood circulation and metabolism. Selected oats of noble varieties are rich in fats and vitamins it contains an impressive amount of protein, starch, vitamins A and B, choline, and other nutrients.
    Contained in Vanilla Sky Face Scrub.

  • Azadirachta Indica Seed Oil (Neem)
    by-cosmetics Neem

    Neem Wood Neem Wood is one of the vital base plants in the Ayurvedic system of medicine. The word "neem" in Sanskrit means "giving health." For 5000 years, it safely and effectively used in Ayurveda, justifying its name and described as a "cure for all diseases" or "bitter gift of nature" (because of the bitter taste of neem). It is one of the strongest, if not the strongest in the world, a natural antiseptic and the most potent natural anti-fungal agent having a powerful antimicrobial and antibacterial effect. The main components of neem oil are: oleic, palmitic, stearic, linoleic, arachidonic acid, bitter substances, sulfur compounds, natural antibiotics, copper, sterols, amino acids, vitamins E, A, and C, etc. It very successfully treats skin diseases - psoriasis, eczema, leprosy, ringworm, pustular rash, acne, boils, effectively relieves the itching, redness, and irritation. Deep cleans and tightens pores, regulates the activity of sebaceous glands, tightens and tones the skin. It gives antiseptic and antibacterial protection for healthy skin.
    Contained in #FORHIM After Shave Hydrate, Hydrate for Oily-Combination Skin, Black Magic Toothpaste & White Magic Toothpaste, Only You Men's Deodorant.

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  • Backhousia Citriodora Leaf Oil (Lemon Myrtle)
    by-cosmetics oil Myrtle

    Sweet and refreshing lemon myrtle extremely beautiful and fragrant plant, the use of which has spread far beyond the kitchen table. Australian Aborigines have long been using it as an antibiotic, and today it is ascribed to miraculous antiseptic antibacterial and antiviral abilities many times greater than even the eucalyptus. These magical properties and odor are caused by its high citral content (90-98%), thereby elevating him on a pedestal among the nominees for the best medicine against herpes (locally) and the common cold.
    Contained in Kiss Me, Black Magic Toothpaste.

  • Beeswax
    by-cosmetics пчелиный воск

    We added beeswax extracted from the honeycomb of bees Apis Mellifera, thoroughly cleaned and bleached by hand; it is devoid of impurities after chemical purification. The composition of it is very close to the dermal fat that protects our skin from dehydration. Creating on the surface a thin film that does not interfere with breathing and the removal of toxins. It is also important that such a natural wax treat skin inflammations, burns, and wounds.
    Contained in rub balm Bali Tiger, in balm for inhalation Dragon Breath, Desire Body Butter, Feel Love Tropical Line, Mimpi Body Butter, Miracle Body Butter, One Love Body Butter, Simple Pleasure Body Butter, Kiss Me, in sunblock Matahari Sunblock SPF 30, in Only You Women's Deodorant in Only You Men's Deodorant.

  • Borago Officinalis Seed Oil (Borage)
    by-cosmetics Borago oil

    This light fragrance can be found in vegetable salad vinaigrette fresh. Hot fried fish's unusual sauce or punch borage leaves have a unique and versatile scent. Its oil seeds enclose high nutritional value. Enriched with gamma-linoleic acid, it prolongs youth, maintaining elasticity and smooth skin texture. Polyunsaturated fatty acid groups Omega-6 included in the phospholipids are involved in the structure of cell membranes and affect the transportation of nutrients. It leads to improved blood circulation and the oxygen saturation of the skin.
    Contained in #FORHIM After Shave Hydrate, Oil 20+, Oil 30+, Oil 50+, Oil 60+.

  • Boswellia Carterii Oil (Frankincense)
    by-cosmetics frankincense oil

    There is hardly a more relaxing aroma than frankincense. There is hardly a more soothing aroma than frankincense oil. It is not without reason that it is the oldest aroma in the world. The incense that gives peace is effectively used in cosmetology. By increasing the elasticity of the skin, Frankincense oil evens out and refreshes its complexion. Frankincense oil has antiseptic, regenerative properties; it cleans and smoothes the skin. Deep flavor feels like an eternity. Frankincense slows down all the events while stopping the aging process and driving away all unnecessary disturbances of the day past. A deeply spiritual essential oil, Frankincense is diffused during meditation practices to achieve a sense of calm and grounded state of mind. When applied topically, Frankincense is believed to be beneficial to both acne-prone and mature skin types. For aging skin, this oil can improve its elasticity and promote a more supple complexion. Meanwhile, Frankincense's cleansing properties can reduce bacteria that causes blemishes. For menstruating and menopausal women, Frankincense oil has the potential to balance hormone levels as well as reduce symptoms such as pain, cramps, anxiety, nausea, fatigue, and mood swings.
    Contained in Hydrate for Oily-Combination Skin, rub balm Bali Tiger, Oil 40+, OMNIA Hair Mask, Aphrodite Bath Salt, Aphrodite Bath Oil.

  • Brassica Alcohol
    by-cosmetics brassica

    It is a fatty alcohol derived from rapeseed oil. An ideal natural emollient for problematic, dry and brittle hair. Strengthens thin strands, gives elasticity, restores shine and strength to damaged hair. Nutrients restore damaged areas of the epidermis, nourish follicles and restore normal hair growth rate.
    Contained in OMNIA Hair Mask.

  • Brassicyl Valinate Esylate
    by-cosmetics Brassicyl Valinate Esylate

    Aminolipid is derived from the amino acid valine. This component is found naturally in human hair and skin. It is a natural formula designed for premium skincare. It makes hair manageable, restores ease of combing, hair becomes soft and shiny. The new technology of amino acid lipids strengthens the hair, deeply moisturizes and envelops each hair with a protective "screen" for gentle and weightless conditioning. This increases the elasticity and strength of the hair and prevents breakage.
    Contained in OMNIA Hair Mask.

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  • Calcium Carbonate
    by-cosmetics calcium carbonate

    This is ordinary chalk, an insoluble compound that helps to effectively cleanse the oral cavity and perfectly removes soft plaque. Strengthens and mineralizes tooth enamel, eliminates hypersensitivity, and also protects the surface from caries. The optimal particle size of this material and its morphology provide an ideal cleaning effect and safety for tooth enamel.
    Contained in Black Magic Toothpaste & White Magic Toothpaste.

  • Calendula Officinalis Flower Oil
    by-cosmetics calendula oil

    Do you know that calendula is good not only for treatment but also for food? Cooks do not pass over its juicy young leaves and fragrant blossoms: it refines the taste of soups and salads and gives a joyful golden color to creams and baking. In cosmetology, this flower is a real magic wand for anyone who controls skin health.
    Calendula oil has antibacterial, disinfectant, and wound-healing effects on the skin due to triterpenes, salicylic and malic acids within its structure. It is ideal for all skin types and ages. Consider: the antiseptic properties of this oil deal with oily skin, removing inflammation and tightening the pores; soothing and softening properties help dry and sensitive skin fight peeling and irritation. Carotenoids, flavonoids, and fatty acids accelerate the process of epidermis cell renewal and protect the skin from an aggressive external environment. Calendula oil has a natural UV filter with a high degree of protection: it effectively eliminates the harmful effects of sun exposure and sharp icy air. In this oil, healing substances help to fight the vascular spiders and support the mature skin in good condition.
    Contained in Paradise Hydrate for all Skin Types, Only You Women's Deodorant, Only You Men's Deodorant.

  • Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil (Hemp)
    by-cosmetics hemp oil

    Hemp oil is often called "dry oil", as it can be absorbed into the skin quickly and completely, with no greasy sheen. Its active ingredients reach the deepest layers of the epidermis, restoring active lipid metabolism. The composition of hemp oil can be called "the elixir of youth" for mature skin. Among a set of beneficial fatty acids, a special mention should be made of linoleic acid, or, as it's often called, Omega-6. This is a vital component of the lipids in the stratum corneum, which provides the skin's strength. The content of linoleic acid in hemp oil reaches up to 60%; it is an anti-oxidant, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, strengthens the skin barrier, and reduces transdermal water loss. Due to a lack of linoleic acid, the skin's protective layer becomes more permeable for microorganisms and allergens, the skin loses its ability to retain moisture, and it becomes rough and ages faster. Also, hemp oil contains the other essential unsaturated fatty acid, which is called linolenic acid. It speeds up the metabolism in the cells and has revitalizing, wound-healing, and regenerating properties. Therefore, hemp oil can be used for young skin, as it helps to fight acne.
    This healing set is complemented with A, B, C, D, and E vitamin complexes, micro and macro elements such as sulfur, manganese, potassium, zinc, iron, magnesium, and tocopherol. This anti-oxidant helps to recover the skin after sunbathing.
    Contained in Hydrate for Dry-Normal Skin, Oil 40+.

  • Cananga Odorata Flower Oil (Ylang Ylang)
    by-cosmetics масло иланг иланг

    The undisputed best-selling fragrance, ylang-ylang oil is extracted from exotic flowers of the tree Kananga, pleases with its treasures not only feelings but also the body. It has a beneficial effect on all skin types and, with care, evens out, smoothes, moisturizes, and rejuvenates the surface of your skin. Being an ideal choice for mature, sensitive, and porous skin quickly causes the epidermis to stabilize. The delicate floral scent is a perfect frame for natural body odors. Sending your thoughts to tropical islands' landscapes evokes a romantic mood and infects you with optimism.
    Contained in Paradise Hydrate for all Skin Types & Hydrate for Dry-Normal Skin, Oil 20+, Serum For Face, Milky Way Face Scrub, Miracle Body Butter, shampoo for curly hair Silk Dreams for Dry-Normal Hair, Only You Women's Deodorant,Aphrodite Bath Salt, Aphrodite Bath Oil & Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.

  • Caprylic/Capric/Coco Glycerides
    by-cosmetics Caprylic/Capric/Coco Glycerides

    There is a natural and helpful compound derived from coconut oil at the back of this complicated chemical name. The main components of this cosmetic ingredient are two saturated fatty acids, capric and caprylic. These acids act as natural preservatives, inhibiting the growth of harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi. Its substantial anti-oxidant effect maintains the skin's youthfulness, prevents cosmetic products' oxidation, and extends their shelf life. Caprylic glycerides create a thin barrier film on the skin surface, which helps to reduce the loss of moisture, prevents dryness, and provides a feeling of velvety smoothness. Due to its' low molecular weight, this substance can penetrate the skin easily and get absorbed quickly, leaving no sensation of greasiness. This magnificent property also helps transport the epidermis various nutrients, vitamins, and minerals as a compound of cosmetics. Its chief job is to replenish and repair damaged skin, moisturize and saturate it with oxygen, normalize the acid-alkaline balance, and protect against the harmful effects of the environment. Cosmetics with coconut glycerides are ideal for oily skin; it does not clog pores and causes no acne. Gentle, protective action and the ability to reduce inflammation are irreplaceable for sensitive and problem skin.
    Contained in #FORHIM Shaving Cream.

  • Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
    by-cosmetics Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride

    High polarity emollient. It is a fraction of coconut oil. Not an emulsifier, refers to the so-called neutral oils. It is an ester for cosmetic use. A stable fraction derived from coconut oil is often confused with coconut oil. This substance is obtained by mixing coconut oil and glycerin. It is a colourless, odourless, oily liquid. When in contact with the epidermis, it does not leave greasy marks and oily residue, it is quickly absorbed into the skin, softening and nourishing.
    Contained in Aphrodite Bath Oil, Gaya Bath Oil, Venus Bath Oil.

  • Capryloyl Glycerin (Sebacic Acid Copolymer)
    by-cosmetics Capryloyl Glycerin

    The natural polymer of capryloyl glycerin and sebacic acid. The first is obtained from coconut oil, and sebacic acid from ricinoleic acid contained in castor oil. This natural combination has high emollient and moisture retention properties and is especially effective for dry and brittle hair. Makes them more elastic, gives them a natural shine, softness and radiance. This eco-friendly, biodegradable system is safe not only for humans but also for aquatic organisms.
    Contained in OMNIA Hair Mask, in Only You Women's Deodorant & Only You Men's Deodorant.

  • Capsicum Frutescens Fruit Extract (Cayenne Pepper)
    by-cosmetics Cayenne

    Cayenne pepper represents the chili peppers family. For centuries, he has already been used as of the most acute of all known spices in various dishes from different cultures and as a medical ingredient. Especially a lot of this plant was used by Native Americans. It was and remained a popular means of improving digestion, eliminate spasms, and relieving pain. In particular, cayenne pepper is a part of topical medications (skin creams and ointments) that treats various systemic diseases chronic pain conjugate. All the valuable properties help stimulating blood circulation and aid in the fight against excess fat.
    Contained in Cayenne Body Mask.

  • Carrageenan
    by-cosmetics carrageenan

    A natural polysaccharide that is obtained from marine brown algae. This natural ingredient contains a whole complex of microelements (calcium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, iron, manganese). Thanks to these components, it has a powerful lifting effect, moisturizes, relieves irritation, soothes the skin, and also has unique enhancer properties, that is, it improves the penetration of other active ingredients into the skin. This additive provides softness and smoothness of cosmetic products and obtains more stable structures, acts as a natural gel former and natural silicone.
    Contained in Black Magic Toothpaste & White Magic Toothpaste.

  • Carthamus Tinctorius Seed Oil (Safflower)
    by-cosmetics Safflower

    Safflower (wild saffron) - a unique ancient plant used by the Egyptians still three and a half thousand years ago for dyeing fabrics, in medieval Europe used to make a delicious shade of sausages and cheeses. And in our time, the undemanding plant has been used in cooking, baking, confectionery, and cosmetics products. An oil is obtained by cold pressing the seeds of safflower. The chemical composition of oil stands out compared to other vegetable oils due to its high content of unsaturated linoleic acid (75%), which, as we know, is not synthesized in the human body. Oil retains moisture, has humidity regulating ability, and is well absorbed by all skin types, but oil will mainly be glad to dry and dehydrate the skin. It has a softening and moisturizing, firming and nourishing the skin, normalizes cell function, and improves circulation. Vitamin E stimulates the regeneration and renewal of cells, resulting in skin noticeably smoother and firmer, acquire freshness and elasticity.
    Contained in #FORHIM After Shave Hydrate.

  • Cedrus Deodara Wood Oil (Cedarwood)
    by-cosmetics Cedarwood oil

    Oh, pine nuts - a tasty treat a great addition to your food! Cedar oil is also a real boon for the supply of our skin. Donated by the strict north, the plant is rich in essential fatty acids, omega acids, and minerals. It contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 (PP), B6, D, E, F, K, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, copper, magnesium, iron, zinc, iodine, and manganese. Nutrient complex restores skin texture, smoothes wrinkles, and improves tone. The skin receives all necessary health, and the youth substance becomes smooth, hydrated, nourished, and radiant.
    Contained in #FORHIM After Shave Hydrate, Hydrate for Oily-Combination Skin, Oil 20+, in sunblock Matahari Sunblock SPF 30, shampoo for curly hair Silk Dreams for Dry-Normal Hair & Cayenne Body Mask.

  • Centella Asiatica Extract (Gotu Kola)
    by-cosmetics Gotu Kola

    Gotu Kola is an Indian herb that the local population has traditionally used to treat the nervous system and treat skin diseases. The extract of this plant contains asiaticosides and triterpenes, which affect the metabolism of connective tissue, increase the synthesis of tissue proteins, increase fibroblasts' activity, and stimulate collagen formation around the venous membrane, thereby providing a regenerating and venotonic effect. The active substances of Gotu Kola improve wound healing, with better epithelialization and normalization around the vascular connective tissue, allowing you to raise the tone and enhance the appearance of the skin.
    Contained in Facial Foam Cleanser & shampoo for curly hair Silk Dreams for Dry-Normal Hair.

  • Cetearyl Alcohol
    by-cosmetics Cetearyl Alcohol

    The word "alcohol" in the composition of cosmetics may seem dreadful to many of us. It could be associated with ethanol - a transparent liquid with a harsh odor and aggressive action. However, not all alcohols are harmful to the skin. Is it a paradox? Not at all. In chemistry, the word "alcohol" refers to a group of similar substances in their molecular structure but utterly different in composition, origin, and impact on the human body. Cetearyl alcohol falls into the category of fatty alcohols. At room temperature, this substance looks something like beeswax. The alcohol we use in our cosmetics is harmless. It is a 100% natural product of plant origin, obtained from coconut oil by hydrolysis. And, of course, Cetearyl alcohol bears no relation to the alcohol used in beverages! It is very "friendly" to the skin and has a noticeable anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect. In creams, lotions, and body butter, it takes on the role of a natural emulsifier, preserving the emulsion in a stable condition. Also, it softens the dense texture, soft and makes the mixture of air, and prevents its stratification. Furthermore, Cetearyl alcohol is resistant to oxidation, which helps protect the product structure from the damaging effects of oxygen and daylight.
    Contained in #FORHIM Shaving Cream.

  • Cetearyl Wheat Straw Glycosides
    by-cosmetics Cetearyl Wheat Straw Glycosides

    As humanity has recognized for thousands of years, bread is the staff of life. The golden wheat seeds not only satiate us but also give our skin youth and beauty. One of the discoveries in "green" cosmetics scientific research is a new emulsifier generation called Cetearyl Wheat Straw Glycosides. This substance is a product obtained by the reaction of Cetearyl Alcohol, derived from coconut oil, with sugars extracted from the wheat straw. This component has been certified by ECOCERT; it contains no preservatives, and it is entirely safe for human health. As a part of natural cosmetics, Cetearyl Wheat Straw Glycosides is used to create emulsions with a very delicate structure, which leaves the skin soft and silky without the unpleasant feeling of grease or stickiness. Emulsions based on this kind of self-emulsifier differ from usual, "oil in water" or "water in oil" type emulsions. In their structure, there are no droplets; layers of water separate continuous lipid layers. The molecules in such form fit themselves into the skin's lipid barrier, protecting and restoring it. The emulsion based on wheat wax differs from the usual ones, such as "oil-in-water" or "water-in-oil": there are no drops in it, but there are continuous lipid layers, between which there is a water layer. Molecules of this structure are organically incorporated into the skin's lipid barrier, protecting and restoring it. Wheat wax in various cosmetic products prevents transepidermal moisture loss and ensures a prolonged water flow and active ingredients into the skin. When applying, it moisturizes and softens the epidermis, creating a feeling of smoothness anд luxuriance. Cosmetics with Cetearyl Wheat Straw Glycosides are suitable for sensitive, prone to irritations, mature and aging skin.
    Contained in #FORHIM Shaving Cream.

  • Cetyl Alcohol
    by-cosmetics Cetyl Alcohol

    Cetyl monohydric fatty alcohol is a vegetable product obtained from coconut and other oil crops. Has a pronounced emollient effect that can neutralize dry and brittle hair. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, forms a reliable protective barrier against UV radiation on the hair. Leaves hair light, smooth, shiny and manageable. Due to its low-molecular structure, it penetrates deeply into the epidermis and acts as an enhancer for other active substances.
    Cetyl Alcohol has a soft texture and is perfectly absorbed into the skin, making the deodorant smooth and soft. It can also help protect the skin from dehydration and irritation due to its moisturizing properties.
    Contained in OMNIA Hair Mask, Only You Women's Deodorant & Only You Men's Deodorant.

  • Chamomila Recutita Extract (Chamomile)
    by-cosmetics Chamomile

    Noble Roman chamomile - is a rare source of anti-inflammatory substances called azulene. The oil rescues the skin from several problems: irritation, allergic reactions, dermatitis, rosacea acne, burns, wounds, and fractures. It also promotes rapid tissue regeneration, relieves swelling under the eyes, softens and moisturizes the skin. The warm herbal scent of chamomile benefits the respiratory system relieves headaches, cures insomnia, calms, and relaxes.
    Contained in Aphrodite Bath Oil, Gaya Bath Oil, Venus Bath Oil.

  • Charcoal Activated
    by-cosmetics charcoal activated

    This is a type of ordinary charcoal, formed when the wood is burned. However, a special production technology gives it new useful properties. Natural absorbent, the ideal whitening agent. It has a slightly abrasive effect, thanks to which it easily removes persistent plaque. The “charcoal method” of teeth whitening has been used for a long time and has proven itself to be the best and safest. It really has a positive effect not only on the color of the enamel but also on the balance of bacteria and viruses in the oral cavity.
    Contained in Black Magic Toothpaste.

  • Cinnamomum Camphora (Camphora) Bark Oil
    by-cosmetics Cinnamon

    Potent and medicinal are two words that can be used to describe the unique aroma of camphor oil. Due to the pungent smell, the peasants wore chunks of camphor wood around their necks to resist infectious diseases. For more than 5,000 years, Ayurvedic medicine has used camphor mainly as a remedy for infections. Camphor has also been used in Persia (now Iran) as a remedy for the plague. Even modern people use camphor oil to fight the symptoms of a cold.
    Contained in Dragon Breath.

  • Cinnamomum Zeylanicum (Cinnamon) Leaf Oil
    by-cosmetics Cinnamon

    Enjoying a cup of your favorite cappuccino, you'll always feel this pleasant spicy smell, the smell of cinnamon so prevalent in cooking. This fragrance relaxes, calms, and even inspires. However, cinnamon, particularly its essential oil, is suitable for various delicacies and skincare. It helps to cope with pallor and returns the skin to its natural glow, healthy color, and shine. The use of oil of cinnamon helps moderate tightening of the skin, toning it, and improving complexion. Cinnamon oil possesses antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties that are gathered an easing effect with dermatoses (congenital acquired and hereditary diseases of the skin) and the fungal infections of the skin.
    Contained in Fresh Tonic for Face & Cayenne Body Mask.

  • Citric Acid
    by-cosmetics Vitis

    Citric acid or vitamin C is derived from natural plant sources (lemon, cranberries.) Natural fruit or AHA-acid improves skin elasticity and normalizes pH balance, astringent, cleansing, antioxidant, antibacterial, and bleaching. Magnificent exfoliating agent and evens skin texture.
    Contained in Facial Foam Cleanser, Shower Gel Bubble Gum, OMNIA Hair Mask, Aphrodite Bath Salt.

  • Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil (Orange)
    by-cosmetics orange oil

    Orange is one of the most popular citrus fruits. Its bright color and tangy aroma bring joy, and the sweet juicy pulp saturates the body with vitamins. The cold-pressed essential oil, extracted from bitter orange peel, is absolutely a heal-all and suitable for all ages and skin types: young and mature skin, dry, oily, or prone to pigmentation skin. This natural immune adjuvant possesses powerful antiseptic properties; it successfully fights skin breakouts, different dermatitis, and acne. Gently working on damaged skin, orange oil relieves inflammation and promotes regeneration and healing of wounds. Anti-cellulite properties restore skin firmness and elasticity. Refined, exhilarating, and the discreet scent of the orange oil makes it an indispensable ingredient for the "sensual" aromatic compositions, which can turn ahead in love.
    Contained in Beauty, Cayenne Body Mask, Royal Peeling Mask, Oil 30+ & Oil 50+, in sunblock Matahari Sunblock SPF 30, shampoo for curly hair Silk Dreams for Dry-Normal Hair, rub balm Bali Tiger, Mimpi Body Butter & Miracle Body Butter, White Magic Toothpaste, Aphrodite Bath Salt, Aphrodite Bath Oil.

  • Citrus Aurantium Flower Oil (Neroli)
    by-cosmetics neroli oil

    The aroma and taste of oranges are familiar and loved by us since our childhood. And what about bitter orange? Do not mind the name - from its flowers, get precious Neroli ether oil is gathered. For skin, Neroli means cell renewal and rejuvenation. Even Neroli's aroma says about the value of it. The fresh floral-spicy scent calms gently, relieves insomnia, and banishes depression. Since ancient times, Neroli was valued for increasing sensitivity, sharpening the senses, and awakening love.
    Contained in Oil 20+ & Oil 40+, shampoo for curly hair Silk Dreams for Dry-Normal Hair, OMNIA Hair Mask.

  • Citrus Bergamia Peel Oil Expressed (Bergamot)
    by-cosmetics Bergamot oil

    Essential oil of bergamot flavor improves mood, concentration, and esoteric teachings, strengthening the aura glow, enhancing creativity and imagination. But not only the aura begins to glow brighter as well, and your skin becomes radiant and beautiful. Improve skin elasticity, tone and stop the inflammation. A regular application of Bergamot oil in cosmetics regulates sebum production and actively fights against various dermatological diseases.
    Contained in #FORHIM After Shave Hydrate, Hydrate for Oily-Combination Skin, Oil 30+, shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair, OMNIA Hair Mask, Only You Men's Deodorant.

  • Citrus Grandis Extract (Grapefruit)
    by-cosmetics Grapefruit Seed

    Grapefruit seed extract due to bioflavonoids, glucosides, and rutinoside in its composition has potent antimicrobic action. Its disinfection effect is more than iodine and silver, which creates a hostile environment for the germination and propagation of harmful microorganisms. The grapefruit seed extract is one of the most potent natural preservatives. Carotenoids, limonoids, folic acid, and vitamin C help fight against acne; they matt, refresh, and improve skin tone. Grapefruit seeds have a greater concentration of nutrients than fruits, so seeds are more effective.
    Contained in Beauty.

  • Citrus Hystrix Leaf Oil (Kaffir Lime)
    by-cosmetics каффир-лайм масло

    Lime, or more correctly kaffir lime, the undisputed leader among all citruses in Southeast Asia's cuisine. Its flavor always complements and polishes the taste to perfection, giving the dish a finished bouquet. Citrus's extraordinarily fresh and crisp scent transforms and has a beneficial tonic effect on the psycho-emotional area of our health. This fragrant "home therapist" is an excellent antiseptic and antioxidant due to its composition of a wide variety of valuable biologically active substances. Smoothes the skin and tightens pores, has a bleaching action and anti-inflammatory pigmentation. The beneficial properties of this oil are so numerous that it can compete on equal terms with western drugs.
    Contained in Miracle Body Butter & shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair, White Magic Toothpaste.

  • Citrus Limon Peel Oil (Lemon)
    by-cosmetics масло лимона

    No cuisine in the world is absent of lemon use! Its refreshing juice brightens any dish or a drink. Lemon oil is obtained from fresh peels. Its value is to stimulate the growth of new cells, smooth out wrinkles, tone up tired and aging skin, "hide" the vascular net and whiten dark spots. Lemon oil also eliminates acne, tightens pores, soothes irritations, and smoothes texture. It perfectly dissolves the grease tube and stops the inflammation - an effective remedy for the treatment of herpes.
    Contained in Beauty, Cayenne Body Mask, Royal Peeling Mask, Facial Foam Cleanser, #FORHIM After Shave Hydrate, Oil 40+, Shower Gel Bubble Gum, Desire Body Butter, One Love Body Butter, OMNIA Hair Mask, Black Magic Toothpaste, Only You Women's Deodorant, Only You Men's Deodorant, Aphrodite Bath Salt, Venus Bath Salt, Venus Bath Salt, Aphrodite Bath Oil, Gaya Bath Oil, Venus Bath Oil & Lemon Essential Oil.

  • Citrus Medica Limonum Juice (Lemon)
    by-cosmetics масло лимона

    Amazing lemon - juicy, fragrant, and beautiful fruit has long been known for its healing properties for each inhabitant. It is invigorating, refreshing, rejuvenating, healing, and simply delicious, and it is not a complete list of its beneficial qualities. He has an anti-oxidant and antiseptic effect, which is especially important in the detoxification of the skin, thereby making the person healthy and glowing. Useful product contains citric acid, which belongs to the group of alpha-hydroxy acids. It kills the bacteria that cause acne and prevents the development of acne and pimples. The juice is an excellent remedy for whitening pigment spots and promotes the growth of new cells due to the soft peeling, thanks to this person acquire a nice even color and the skin soft and supple.
    Contained in Royal Peeling Mask.

  • Citrus Nobilis Peel Oil (Mandarin Orange)
    by-cosmetics mandarin oil

    Easy, fun, and festive Mandarin is the first violin in the orchestra of the New Year. Fruit salads and desserts will sound dull without his ginger slices. But who knows that the peel contains vast amounts of vitamins and minerals, all able to nourish the skin. Tangerine oil optimizes the self-regulation of the skin, increases its resilience and protective properties in the fight against the adverse external effects of the environment. It is especially true of its application for mature and aging skin as it helps to regain freshness and elasticity, improves the complexion, and lightens dark spots.
    Contained in Kiss Me Lip Balm.

  • Clitoria Ternatea (Butterfly Pea) Flower Extract
    by-cosmetics clitoria butterfly pea

    This is the plant native to Southeast Asia that is often used to make herbal teas. It is called butterfly or Thai blue tea. Clinical studies have proven that the Clitoria trifidum contains natural antioxidants, tannins. It contains various compounds that have a nootropic, sedative, anticonvulsant spectrum of action. There are also cliotides (high molecular weight peptides) that allow you to fight bacterial pathogens.
    There is evidence that they help hydrate the skin and protect against sun damage due to the presence of antioxidants, including polyphenols. The anti-inflammatory properties of the plant help to cure rashes, dermatitis or allergies, relieve swelling, reduce itching. Able to prevent the first signs of skin aging, loss of elasticity, wrinkles, deterioration of skin tone and smoothness.
    Clitoria trifidum is also able to support the health of the scalp and hair. It stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles and relieves inflammation that disrupts normal hair growth, and also prevents active hair loss.
    The elements have a positive effect on the circulatory system, purify the blood and increase the overall tone of the body. A decoction of leaves is effective in cleaning wound surfaces, prevents the formation of local suppuration.
    The ingredients of the flowers are included in the list of natural aphrozodiacs. Also, the plant helps with the problem of male infertility, increases sperm motility and reproduction.
    Contained in Aphrodite Bath Salt and Venus Bath Salt.

  • Cocos Nucifera Oil (Coconut)
    by-cosmetics Coconut oil

    As the inhabitants of the tropics quench their thirst with coconut milk, your skin drinks life-giving water of coconut oil similarly. It is an excellent moisturizer and antiseptic. Its structure contains lauric acid, which is easily absorbed by the cells, nourishing the skin with vitamins E and K, valuable acids polyphenols, iron, and organic sulfur. They have an antioxidant, anti-fungal, and antibacterial effect, preserving the health and youthfulness of the skin. In turn, the scent of coconut pulp creates an atmosphere of warmth and optimism.
    Contained in Desire Body Butter, Feel Love Tropical Line, Mimpi Body Butter, Miracle Body Butter, One Love Body Butter, Simple Pleasure Body Butter, rub balm Bali Tiger, in balm for inhalation Dragon Breath, Beauty & Cayenne Body Mask, #FORHIM Shaving Cream, Kiss Me, in sunblock Matahari Sunblock SPF 30, OMNIA Hair Mask, White Magic Toothpaste, Only You Women's Deodorant, Only You Men's Deodorant & Virgin Coconut Oil.

  • Cocos Nucifera Shell Powder (Coconut)
    by-cosmetics Powder Coconut shell

    The central accord of this appetizing composition – is a coconut shell. Grounded to powder, it gently and effectively removes dead skin cells without scratching or damaging the skin. The shell itself contains substances that contribute to the removal of residues, toxins, radionuclides. Coconut shell is used to create an absorbent coal medicine for good reason, after all! A coconut pulp remaining on the shell walls before grinding stimulates metabolism tightens skin, gives it elasticity and helps preserve youth.
    Contained in Milky Way Face Scrub & Vanilla Sky Face Scrub.

  • Coco-Caprylate (Coco Silicone)
    by-cosmetics Coconut

    Coco-Caprylate is a natural emollient, the ideal ingredient for creating the "green" cosmetic formulas without harmful synthetic silicones. Chemically, emollients are lipoids; in other words, these substances (such as natural oils, lipids, fatty alcohols, waxes, esters) resemble fat. Due to their action, cosmetics distribute over the skin smoothly. The skin absorbs it faster, leaving a pleasant, velvety feeling. However, all emollients are different. Using in cosmetic products only natural emollients of plant origin is highly important. In other cases, the risk of irritation, skin flaking, comedones' appearance, and allergic reactions can occur. Coco-caprylate is an ecologically and health-friendly product obtained from coconut oil. Helpful fatty acids in their composition soften, nourish, and moisturize the skin and hair, with no greasy nor heavy feeling. In the composition of shampoos, facial and body creams, lotions, and makeup, coco-caprylate acts as a conditioner; it gives the skin a well-groomed appearance and makes hair silky and shiny. It creates an invisible protective barrier on the surface, which prevents the evaporation of moisture. At the same time, coco-caprylate is biocompatible with skin lipids. It does not clog pores and does not interfere with natural oxygen metabolism.
    Contained in shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair and OMNIA Hair Mask, Only You Women's Deodorant & Only You Men's Deodorant.

  • Coenzyme Q10
    by-cosmetics Coenzyme Q10

    The ignition spark of the human body: same as the car cannot start the engine without the ignition, the human body cannot function without Coenzyme Q10. It assists with so many health conditions that there is no question that it should be considered as an essential nutrient. Coenzyme Q10 is very good for our skin because this compound has pronounced antioxidant properties that protect cells from free radical damage, accelerating their regeneration rejuvenates the skin. Another essential feature of this coenzyme is its ability to accelerate collagen synthesis, preventing the destruction of elastic fibers smooth wrinkles, giving you the chance to enjoy the elasticity and smoothness of the skin.
    Contained in Serum For Face & in sunblock Matahari Sunblock SPF 30.

  • Commiphora Myrrha Resin (Myrrh)
    by-cosmetics масло мирра

    African tree Commiphora is drenched with the equatorial sun. It generously shares its beauty. The oil is extracted from this tree - one of the most active anti-aging oils there is. Quickly and profoundly penetrating all epidermis layers, it imbues the skin with nutrients, encouraging regeneration. The skin begins to look younger fading processes are stopped. Oil effectively treats all skin damage inflammations. Woody-spicy musky scent helps inner contemplation helps to rises above the hustle, gives a feeling of serenity and purity.
    Contained in Oil 50+, Oil 60+, rub balm Bali Tiger, Shower Gel Bubble Gum, OMNIA Hair Mask.

  • Coriandrum Sativum Fruit Extract (Coriander)
    by-cosmetics Coriander

    Coriander, from the Greek word "koris", means a bedbug, as a young, immature plant contains many decyl aldehydes, which gives it a peculiar smell. Ripe coriander fruit is also a potent antiseptic with a wide range of uses, an excellent antioxidant, and analgesic. Improves blood circulation, whitens pigmentation, relieves swelling, heals wounds thanks to the tannins (bactericidal, hemostatic, and anti-inflammatory properties), alkaloids (substances with high biological activity), organic acids (actively involved in metabolism), and a large number of vitamins.
    Contained in Bali Body Scrub.

  • Corylus Avellana Seed Oil (Hazelnut)
    by-cosmetics huzelnut oil

    Mother Nature provides us with the hazelnut: a magical elixir of beauty, health, and good mood. Hazelnut oil is a top performer given its' content of proteins, amino acids, vitamins C, E, B1, B2, and B6, iron, and many valuable minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, and sodium. The full range of glycerides and fatty acids is a calling card of hazelnut oil. Oleic, linoleic, myristicin, palmitic, and stearic acids soften and nourish the skin and smooth it, removing existing wrinkles and preventing new ones.
    The healing properties of this oil can work wonders: it reduces inflammation and irritation, heals damaged skin and accelerates tissue regeneration, treats acne, purifies and tightens the pores, and helps heal abscesses. Very light and soft texture allows the hazelnut oil to be absorbed into the skin almost instantly with no greasy shine and can use it for skincare around the eyes. Thanks to this "beauty cocktail", the mature skin glows with youth again, and problem or combination skin will no longer be troublesome.
    Contained in Hydrate for Oily-Combination Skin, Oil 20+ & Oil 60+.

  • Cryptocarya Crassinervia Bark Oil (Massoia)
    by-cosmetics Massoy

    Evergreen tree Massoia from the bay family lives in wet tropical jungles of Indonesia, South America, and New Guinea. Its bark has a truly wonderful sweet smell of coconut pulp, although nothing to do with the coconut. Milky-creamy flavor with fruity notes enveloped veil of serenity. Lactones contained in the cortex determine the intensity and sharpness of smell. It also has a warming effect, thus improving the blood circulation in the tissues.
    Contained in Serum For Face & Bali Body Scrub.

  • Curcuma Longa Rhizome Extract (Turmeric)
    by-cosmetics Turmeric

    Turmeric or Haldi is oriental spices that can transform a culinary masterpiece and a talented cosmetic agent who knows how long years of feminine beauty and youthfulness of the skin. First of all, turmeric from the ginger family has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action, soothes irritated skin, and effectively copes with teenage acne and rashes of various origins, preventing the further spread of bacterial infections. The high concentration of antioxidants can improve skin elasticity and stimulate the growth of new cells, thereby triggering a magical process of renewal of the epidermis. Part of the choline improves oily skin, normalizing sebaceous glands and sebum production, respectively (sebum). Effectively fights with pigmentation, lightens freckles, and whitens and removes redness, thanks to her lost uneven, dull complexion, and even skin gets a beautiful shade and pleasant silkiness.
    Contained in Beauty.

  • Cymbopogon Citratus Leaf Oil (Lemongrass)
    by-cosmetics lemongrass oil

    Our skin loves the taste of lemongrass oil - the base for any Asian dish. Having spice in food raise vitality. The same goes for the skin. Lemongrass stimulates the lymphatic system, removes toxins, improves skin elasticity retains moisture. It should be in the diet for contaminated porous tired skin. Oil "lemongrass" cleans and tightens pores, leveling the terrain and the color problem areas. Candy smell reminds of the morning freshness and vigor that explode with positive expectations for the rest of the day.

    Used in Beauty, in balm for inhalation Dragon Breath, One Love Body Butter, Breeze Body Scrub, White Magic Toothpaste & Lemongrass Essential Oil.

  • Cymbopogon Martini Herb Oil (Palmarosa)
    by-cosmetics масло пальмаросы

    In Indian cuisine, palmarosa is a component of traditional curry. In cosmetology, the same oil is the only powerful antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal agent that does not irritate the skin. Palmarosa oil is indispensable for skin prone to inflammation. The oil, balancing sebum production, promotes regeneration, smooths scar tissue, and treats various forms of dermatitis. When used regularly, palmarosa oil significantly reduces wrinkles and effectively restores skin tone.
    Contained in Oil 30+, OMNIA Hair Mask.

  • Cymbopogon Nardus Oil (Citronella)
    by-cosmetics Citronella

    As the plant from which the oil is extracted, ethereal oils of citronella amaze with a combination of cheerfulness and stimulating effects and a list of medicinal properties. It relieves the symptoms of infectious diseases extracted, including influenza, also helps with the disorders of the enzymatic function of the intestinal removed digestive system. At the same time, this oil does not excite, but instead, it inhibits the appetite, contributes to the normalization of weight. Citronella is appreciated in cosmetology. First of all, this agent improves the skin, providing tonic extracted refreshing and regenerating properties. People suffering excessive sebaceous gland activity pulled this oil is used to reduce the production of secretions. It is also suitable for dry skin. For example, it takes good care after rough and cracked skin.
    Contained in Beauty, Cayenne Body Mask, Detox/Decos, Royal Peeling Mask.

  • D

  • Daucus Carota Sativa Seed Oil (Carrot)
    by-cosmetics Carrot oil

    It turns out that carrots are not only good in the kitchen. The crunchy root is an indispensable source of vitamins, and its seeds - have anti-aging properties. Carrot seed oil activates intercellular restorative processes, stimulates blood circulation, and makes the skin color smooth, bright, and shining. Rich in vitamin A, carrots provide skin elasticity and freshness. The carrot seed oil also perfectly softens dry skin and effectively treats injuries. The result of the use of carrot seed oil - a beautiful and clear skin, full of vitality!
    Contained in Hydrate for Dry-Normal Skin &: Oil 20+, Oil 30+, Oil 40+, Oil 50+, Oil 60+.

  • Decyl Glucoside
    by-cosmetics Coconut

    The mild non-ionic surfactant is prepared from coconut fatty acids.
    Ideal for children's sensitive skin. Its composition has active ingredients that soften skin effectively and possess good foaming properties.
    Contained in Facial Foam Cleanser, Shower Gel Bubble Gum, shampoo for curly hair Silk Dreams for Dry-Normal Hair, shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair.

  • Diheptyl Succinate
    by-cosmetics Diheptyl Succinate

    This ingredient is derived from castor or coconut oils. The combination of Diheptyl Succinate with the previous ingredient Capryloyl Glycerin (Sebacic Acid Copolymer) mimics the properties of silicone emollients and is a natural alternative to dimethicone, but of plant origin. Effectively restores hair texture and shine, and creates a smooth and friction-free feeling that leaves hair shiny, hydrated and easy to comb. This unique substance can be classified as a new generation of active cosmetic ingredients, safe, environmentally friendly, and effective.
    Contained in OMNIA Hair Mask, Only You Women's Deodorant & Only You Men's Deodorant.

  • E

  • Eucalyptus Globulus Oil (Eucalyptus)
    by-cosmetics eucaliptus oil

    Eucalyptus oil has a large number of valuable properties. It is produced by processing phytomass, consisting of leaves of a eucalyptus tree growing on the territory of the Australian continent. Eucalyptus oil is a powerful oil. Its antiseptic properties are even superior to medications such as streptomycin and penicillin. It destroys and inhibits the growth of staphylococci, streptococci, Trichomonas, pathogens of typhoid fever, and dysentery.
    Contained in rub balm Bali Tiger, in balm for inhalation Dragon Breath.

  • Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove) Bud Oil
    by-cosmetics clove oil

    Every gourmet confidently will say that delights from both Eastern and Western cuisines will not be complete without the clove bud. The skin will confirm this. It appreciates the cloves for the content of eugenol - a substance with a potent anti-fungal, analgesic, anti-parasitic, antioxidant with disinfectant properties. Dianthus is full of manganese, and that stimulates metabolism and activates the enzyme systems. At the same time, carnation shares calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin A, B, C, and omega-3 fatty acids with cells. Possessing good antibacterial properties, it copes well with acne pustular lesions, reduces inflammation of the skin, and disinfects wounds. The aroma of clove oil is good for the nervous system, relieves headaches, and acts as a sedative for stress and nervousness.
    Contained in Bali Body Scrub, #FORHIM Shaving Cream, Miracle Body Butter, shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair, Black Magic & White Magic Toothpastes, rub balm Bali Tiger, balm for inhalation Dragon Breath, Clove Essential Oil.

  • Eugenia Caryophyllus Flower Extract (Clove)
    by-cosmetics clove

    Clove comprises a substance called eugenol for 60 - 90%, which has anti-fungal, analgesic, anti-parasitic, anti-oxidant, disinfectant properties. In addition, it contains manganese, which is essential for the metabolism and activity of enzymatic systems. Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber contained in the dianthus also have a very beneficial effect on the skin.
    Contained in Bali Body Scrub.

  • F

  • Ferula Galbaniflua (Galbanum) Resin Oil
    by-cosmetics масло ферулы

    From rare Asian tree galbanum, a scarce ferrule oil is extracted, which from ancient times is used in cosmetics and medicine and the preparation of smoking blends incense and perfume. At all times highly prized inflammatory and antiseptic properties of this oil are known. Also, galbanum oil awakens aging skin reduces wrinkles, tones, restoring its elasticity and freshness. Warming woody fragrance has beneficial effects on a person's internal state, soothing and calming the nerves.
    Contained in Oil 50+.

  • Foeniculum Vulgare Capillaceum Fruit Oil (Fennel)
    by-cosmetics Foeniculum Vulgare Fennel

    Fennel is often part of the confectionery, rosy pies, puddings, and salads. Its oil is used in cosmetics because it has the rare property to restore skin tone. Just before the eyes, it makes a flatter stomach, lifts the bust line, and elegantly outlines the hips. Fennel oil makes the skin elastic, smoothes, and brightens. Fennel envelops a warm camphor scent, creating a sense of security and tranquility.

    Used in Breeze Body Scrub, Cayenne Body Mask, Oil 20+, Oil 30+, Oil 40+, One Love Body Butter.

  • G

  • Glyceryl Caprylate
    by-cosmetics glyceryl caprylate

    A complex monoester of glycerin and caprylic acid was created based on coconut oil, a natural emulsifier. Perfectly softens the skin, retains the moisture of the stratum corneum, has a pronounced nourishing effect and provides reliable protection against adverse environmental influences.
    Contained in OMNIA Hair Mask, Black Magic Toothpaste & White Magic Toothpaste, Only You Women's Deodorant, Only You Men's Deodorant.

  • Glyceryl Undecylenate
    by-cosmetics glyceryl undecylenate

    A vegetable monoester derived from glycerin and undecylenic acid. An emulsifier, a conditioner for skin and hair, has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is a physiological factor for maintaining the acidic pH of the skin, which, in turn, affects the process of adequate keratinization, prevents excessive transepidermal loss of fluid and natural moisturizing factor (NMF).
    Contained in OMNIA Hair Mask, Black Magic Toothpaste & White Magic Toothpaste, Only You Women's Deodorant, Only You Men's Deodorant.

  • Glycolic Acid
    by-cosmetics Glycolic Acid

    Glycolic acid is a type of fruit AHA acids derived from sugar cane. It has a reputation as a very effective means to exfoliate the epidermis, reduce pigmentation and acne treatment, and reduce wrinkles. The glycolic acid molecule is very short, so it quickly penetrates the skin and starts neocollagenesis (collagen), which stimulates the production of elastin and other valuable compounds. Consequently, it improves the skin color, reducing its prominence, and fine wrinkles may disappear altogether. Moreover, glycolic acid is contained in the alpha-hydroxy acid molecules, making it an excellent moisturizer. Stimulating the skin's reserves increases the production of hyaluronic acid (a powerful moisturizing agent) and normalizes physiological rhythms of cell renewal in the basal layer.normalizes physiological rhythms of cell renewal in the basal layer.
    Contained in Royal Peeling Mask.

  • Gracilaria Chilensis
    by-cosmetics Gracilaria Chilensis

    Gathered in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, Gracilaria Chilensis – is a storehouse of minerals: iodine, manganese, boron, fluoride, molybdenum, selenium, copper, zinc, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, vitamin B5. They contain a variety of essential vitamins and minerals. Algae extract has a vital mission of controlling metabolic processes at the cellular level, restoring and energizing every cell. Seagrass consists of large quantities of natural pigment carotene, which evens out the skin and gives it sunshine brightness. Riboflavin and niacin restore the damaged epidermis and get rid of wrinkles, age spots, and roughness.
    Contained in Beauty, Cayenne Body Mask, Detox/Decos, Facelift, Royal Peeling Mask.

  • Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride
    by-cosmetics Guar

    For many thousands of years, an annual legume known worldwide as guar or cluster bean has been harvested in India and Pakistan. In ancient times, guar seeds have been used for food due to their high nutritional value. In modern industry, this plant is more valued as a source of guar gum. It is obtained from the internal part of the seeds, called endosperm, by simple mechanical grinding, without any chemical processes. Chemically, guar gum is a polysaccharide, and a key role in its composition is galactomannan – a substance that creates a thick, viscous gel upon contact with water. Such gels in the cosmetic and food industry are called hydrocolloids; they are safe for human health with proper application. In cosmetics, guar gum acts as a stabilizer, thickener, and co-emulsifier. In emulsions, it helps to mix and stabilize water and oil base, gives a delicate creamy texture, regulates the viscosity, and has light preservative properties. In facial and body creams and lotions, guar gum cleanses, moisturizes, and softens the skin, creating a thin protective film on the surface of the epidermis. As a result, the amount of evaporated moisture decreases, and skin looks deliciously well-groomed and silky. In shampoos and hair conditioners, guar gum protects the horny layer of the skin from the aggressive action of surfactants, preventing the elution of organic lipids. Also, guar gum acts as an antistatic agent, foaming agent, and natural conditioner, giving the hair smoothness, volume, easy combing, and styling. Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride (GHPT) is a guar gum derivative with the same set of beneficial properties. It is a safe, eco-friendly, utterly biodegradable substance of plant origin.
    Contained in shampoo for curly hair Silk Dreams for Dry-Normal Hair & shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair, OMNIA Hair Mask.

  • H

  • Hippophae Rhamnoides Fruit Oil (Sea Buckthorn)
    by-cosmetics Sea Buckthorn

    The orange miracle of nature-buckthorn has long been famous not only in beauty but also in medicine bows his head before this genuinely royal. Popularity owes much of its unique and rich composition, which nourishes and moisturizes effect and therapeutic. Buckthorn fruits contain carotenes, carotenoids, tocopherols, sterols, folic acid, choline, betaine, fructose, glucose, vitamins B1, B2, B6, B15, P, K, C, and E, as well as a significant number of macro and micronutrients. Buckthorn accelerates tissue repair and tidies metabolism in the skin, passing it free of its power. Especially oil is indispensable in caring for aging and wrinkled skin and the treatment of skin diseases. Killing bacteria on the epidermis helps get rid of comedones and acne. Berries are rich in omega acids, which effectively eliminate age spots, stimulate natural collagen production, relieve dryness and flaking, and help keep the average skin moisture balance.
    Contained in Beauty, #FORHIM After Shave Hydrate, Oil 40+, Oil 50+, Oil 60+.

  • Honey
    by-cosmetics Honey

    Gingerbread mead mulled wine, sauces, and fillings. It is just the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of this miraculous nectar. For our dessert, for your tender lips, we have included a recipe with honey of wild bees from the island of Sumbawa. It is an excellent natural anti-oxidant and potent moisturizing agent. It prevents the skin from drying out, thereby prolonging its youth and inhibits the appearance of premature wrinkles. Nourishes the skin with nutrients, soothes relieves inflammation and flaking.
    Contained in Kiss Me, Aphrodite Bath Oil, Gaya Bath Oil, Venus Bath Oil.

  • Hyaluronic Acid
    by-cosmetics Hyaluronic Acid

    Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of human skin where it plays an essential role in maintaining an average water balance. Biotechnological methods of extracting from the plant material using bacterial cultures Streptococcus zooepidemicus are used. The powerful moisturizing effect is achieved due to the exciting ability: one molecule of hyaluronic acid can hold around it from five hundred to one thousand water molecules. Having lower molecular weight, it penetrates deeply into the skin with the wetting agents and enhances their effect on the intercellular level. Accelerates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, reducing wrinkles and adjusting the oval of the face.
    Contained in Serum For Face.

  • Hydrolyzed Jojoba Protein
    by-cosmetics jojoba oil

    Small jojoba nuts contain a lot of wax, which has an excellent value for the skin, which is part of a vast number of essential amino acids and proteins. By hydrolyzing, receiving low-molecular compounds of protein structures, which penetrate deep into the skin cells, trigger a robust regeneration and renewal process, improve complexion, line the skin turgor, and increase its elasticity. These trace elements can easily cope with acne, small cracks, and irritation, restoring the skin's radiant look and velvety.

    Used in Fresh Tonic for Face.

  • Hydrolyzed Rice Protein
    by-cosmetics Hydrolyzed Rice Protein

    It is derived from organic rice bran, is rich in amino acids and vitamins that are beneficial for skin and hair. Rice proteins are a very effective moisturizer due to their good moisture retention properties. This property increases total hair volume by up to 32%, resulting in increased flexibility and toughness in curls. They restore the structure of damaged hair, stimulate their growth by activating blood circulation in the scalp and hair follicles. Rice proteins also create a protective film on the skin and hair, thereby protecting them from external environmental influences.
    Contained in OMNIA Hair Mask.

  • Hydrolyzed Silk Peptides
    by-cosmetics Hydrolyzed Silk Peptides

    It is a natural silk protein consisting of 18 amino acids on the molecular structure. Thanks to its low weight, it is highly acumen, instantly fills all the damage and bumps of the skin, restoring its smoothness and elasticity. It has good regenerative properties, improves microcirculation and lymphatic flow. Smooths wrinkles and restores a healthy complexion. The skin becomes soft and silky. Silk peptides are also reliable protection against aggressive environmental influences.
    Contained in Serum For Face.

  • Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
    by-cosmetics Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

    Protein wheat germ is isolated from whole raw wheat. Beta-glucan activates metabolic processes and mechanisms to protect against irritants. Wheat protein softens and decreases exfoliation, hydrates, and restores the moisture balance of the skin. Regenerating and anti-oxidant properties come out of their unique composition. The individual three amino acids: glycine, glutamine, and alanine, provide such properties.
    Contained in Serum For Face.

  • Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein
    by-cosmetics Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein

    It is a treasure trove of vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, amino acids and other beneficial ingredients. Due to its high content of B vitamins, it works as a stimulator of cellular energy, contributing to the saturation of the skin with oxygen. Regulates the metabolism of lipids and proteins, balances the production of sebum, increases the elasticity.
    Contained in OMNIA Hair Mask.

  • I

  • Illite (Green Clay)
    by-cosmetics Green Clay

    Green Clay has the basic properties to clean skin, eliminates peeling, and reduces irritation. It serves as an excellent absorbent, soaking up the sebaceous glands, thus drying out problem areas on the skin. The secret of such efficiency is high mineral content such as magnesium, copper, phosphorus; under the influence of a combination of natural components, the facial skin permanently stores a feeling of freshness and cleanness.
    Contained in Facial Foam Cleanser.

  • Inulin
    by-cosmetics inulin

    Natural polysaccharide, which is a nutrient reserve of Jerusalem artichoke, chicory, agave plants, etc. It is obtained by cold pressing since this method preserves all the beneficial properties of this active additive to the maximum. Inulin has the unique property of smoothing the hair's keratin scales and forming a smooth, protective film on the hair's surface that will maintain hydration and provide superior conditioning properties. Hair becomes light, soft, silky and has a glossy shine. Being a bifidogenic prebiotic, it maintains beneficial microflora on the epidermis surface, stimulates local skin immunity and promotes better absorption of other active ingredients.
    Contained in OMNIA Hair Mask, Black Magic Toothpaste & White Magic Toothpaste.

  • J

  • Jasminum Officinale Flower (Jasmine)
    by-cosmetics jasmine

    Jasmine flowers are widely used as a natural ingredient to create aromatic baths. Their benefits lie in their ability to promote relaxation and calmness, as well as have an anti-stress effect. Additionally, the scent of jasmine can improve mood and reduce anxiety levels. Research shows that the jasmine scent can improve sleep quality, reduce insomnia, and decrease fatigue.
    When jasmine flowers are added to bath water, they release essential oils and aromatic compounds that can be inhaled and absorbed through the skin. This can help alleviate tension and pain in muscles, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation. Moreover, jasmine baths can be beneficial for the skin. Jasmine flowers contain antioxidants that help protect the skin from free radicals and prevent premature aging. They can also moisturize the skin and reduce inflammation.
    Contained in Gaya Bath Salt.

  • Juniperus Communis Fruit Oil (Juniper)
    by-cosmetics Juniper

    Multi-layered, thin, tart, rich resinous and smoky nuances, but still refreshing fragrance belongs to the evergreen shrub - juniper. It is considered one of the most powerful cleaning agents for effective detox, and it improves the performance of the digestive tract. It helps to improve the elasticity of blood vessels, eliminates swelling, dermatitis, stretch marks, prevents scar tissue formation, heals ulcers and wounds, and effectively combats cellulite.
    Contained in rub balm Bali Tiger, in balm for inhalation Dragon Breath, Cayenne Body Mask, Desire Body Butter, #FORHIM After Shave Hydrate, Only You Men's Deodorant, Venus Bath Salt, Venus Bath Oil & Juniper Essential Oil.

  • K

  • Kaempferia Galanga Rhizome/Root Extract (Galangal)
    by-cosmetics Kaemferia Galanga (Lesser Galangal) Root

    Kencur or aromatic ginger is widely cultivated in Indonesia, Taiwan, China, and India. Balinese kitchen has a well-known beverage Jamu based on the dried root of this plant, and rice flour is a famous treatment of rheumatism and stomach pains. But is not limited to its application, as its disinfectant properties can effectively treat the encephalitis virus, Epstein-Barr headache, toothache, and many colds (ARI acute respiratory infections, flu). Camphene and cineol eugenol have excellent analgesic (analgesic) sedative (soothing) disinfectant properties. Rhizomes are also used to prepare infusions in the treatment of fungal skin diseases.
    Contained in Bali Body Scrub.

  • Kaolin (White Clay)
    by-cosmetics Kaolin (White Clay)

    We gathered white volcanic clay in the crater of the volcano Batur Bali to share with you the magic of Asian health and beauty. It has excellent absorption capacity and absorbs dirt efficiently from the skin, scraping and narrowing the pores. Silicon, magnesium, and zinc contained in volcanic clay entirely and quickly remove facial swelling and give a sense of freshness. By the way, this feeling is sincere and clean. After all, after the action of clay, the skin gets rid of toxins and toxins and starts to breathe freely and easily - each time, ideally purified.
    Contained in Milky Way Face Scrub, White Magic Toothpaste, Only You Women's Deodorant & Only You Men's Deodorant.

  • L

  • Lactobacillus/Coconut Fruit Juice Ferment Filtrate
    by-cosmetics Lactobacillus/Coconut Fruit Juice Ferment Filtrate

    A sip of fresh coconut juice on a hot tropical afternoon – that is the heavenly delight! Refreshing and gentle as a cool sea breeze, coconut juice instantly quenches thirst and rejuvenates the body. Its’ high nutritional value and energizing effect are owing to its unique combination of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Functional properties of coconut juice do not end there: researchers have found that fermented coconut juice can maintain the freshness of natural cosmetics. This natural preservative, obtained by fermentation of coconut juice by Lactobacillus bacteria, protects cosmetic compositions from the growth of fungi, yeasts, and molds. Such decisive antimicrobial action is based on the alliance of triglycerides of lauric acid contained in coconuts and lactic acid bacteria, which produce particular substances that inhibit the growth of microorganisms. In addition, as a cosmetic ingredient, fermented coconut juice moisturizes and nourishes the skin, saturating it with valuable micronutrients. It is ideal for sensitive skin prone to irritation, as its soft formula does not dry the epidermis.
    Contained in #FORHIM Shaving Cream, shampoo for curly hair Silk Dreams for Dry-Normal Hair, shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair.

  • Lactobacillus/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate
    by-cosmetics Lactobacillus/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate

    How nice to pick the bright and juicy radishes straight from the garden on a hot summer day and make a crispy, healthy salad! Do you know that eco-cosmetics manufacturers use fermented red radish filtrate as a safe alternative to invasive synthetic preservatives? This natural herbal preparation, known in International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) as Lactobacillus/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, is produced by Lactobacillus lactic-acid bacterium during the fermentation of the red radishes. This process is identical to the fermentation of, for example, sauerkraut or kimchi. Lactic-acid bacteria, being placed into a particular nutritional medium, produce unique self-defense antimicrobial peptides called bacteriocins. Due to the acidification of their environment, they prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi, yeast, and mold in the final product. It provides a broad spectrum of antimicrobial protection. This natural preservative has a very mild effect, it does not dry nor irritate the epidermis, and it’s suitable even for sensitive baby skin.
    Contained in Beauty, Cayenne Body Mask, Detox/Decos, Facelift, Royal Peeling Mask, #FORHIM Shaving Cream, Fresh Tonic for Face, Facial Foam Cleanser, Serum For Face, shampoo for curly hair Silk Dreams for Dry-Normal Hair, shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair, OMNIA Hair Mask, Black Magic Toothpaste & White Magic Toothpaste.

  • Lavandula Officinalis Flower Oil (Lavender)
    by-cosmetics Lavander

    Lavender oil - is a universal antiseptic known since ancient times for its healing harmonizing properties. Gentle, fragrant lavender oil refreshes, contributes to regeneration, and rejuvenation normalizes metabolism levels the fat secretions of the skin. It tones up tired skin takes care of the injured or sensitive skin. The delicate, seductive aroma of lavender soothes the attainment of inner harmony and natural beauty, as well as helping a robust and healthy sleep. This beautiful floral oil can be used by women young and old to support their overall wellbeing. Along with its aromatic benefits, Lavender Oil can also support healthy skin when applied topically. Linalool, one of the main constituents of Lavender Oil, exhibits anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that are cleansing and soothing to congested skin.
    Contained in rub balm Bali Tiger, #FORHIM Shaving Cream, #FORHIM After Shave Hydrate, Hydrate for Dry-Normal Skin, in sunblock Matahari Sunblock SPF 30, Oil 20+, Oil 40+, Oil 50+, Oil 60+, shampoo for curly hair Silk Dreams for Dry-Normal Hair, Only You Men's Deodorant, Aphrodite Bath Salt, Venus Bath Salt, Aphrodite Bath Oil.

  • Leptospermum Scoparium Branch/Leaf Oil (Manuka)
    by-cosmetics Manuka

    Manuka is a beautiful flowering shrub from New Zealand. The plant is not only a source of honey and a nice decoration of the New Zealand lands - it is well known for its healing properties. The skin readily absorbs manuka oil, moisturizes and cleanses, tightens pores, and protects against bacteria. It relieves allergies and stops inflammation. In addition, the oil helps to effectively smooth the surface of the skin, giving it a satin appearance. The firm, fresh scent of manuka instantly tones the mind and awakens the body.
    Contained in Facelift.

  • Linum usitatissimum Oil (Flaxseed) - масло льна
    by-cosmetics Flaxseed

    Flax is a herbaceous plant up to 1.5 meters high. The fruits are small, yellowish and spherical. In appearance they resemble a box with a cup opening above it. Inside there are about 10 flax seeds from light brown to dark brown shades. Flaxseed oil is a product obtained from flax seeds, which is a valuable source of unsaturated fatty acids: linolenic (omega-3), linoleic (omega-6), oleic (omega-9). It has such important healing properties for human health that it is recommended for use as a dietary supplement on an ongoing basis throughout life.
    Contained in cold pressed oil Flaxseed Virgin Oil.

  • M

  • Magnesium Sulfate
    by-cosmetics epson salt

    The sources of magnesium for the production of cosmetic products are natural minerals or sea water. Magnesium sulfate is known as Epsom salt or magnesia. This is a very important ingredient for our body - it protects the skin from free radicals, participates in skin pigmentation, controls water-salt and energy metabolism, relieves convulsions, stabilizes mood, relieves stress, anxiety, depression. When used in the bathroom, it demonstrates a mild peeling effect. The trace element fights comedones, has an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, disinfecting the skin, fights acne, activates blood flow, nourishes and oxygenates the dermis, improves its shade, and moisturizes the skin.
    Magnesium sulfate is also recommended for active sports, as magnesium will remove excess fluid and soothe overloaded muscles. The combination of baths and physical activity will help to acquire chiseled shapes, a toned body. Magnesium also stimulates the synthesis of hormones of joy, in other words, makes a person happier. Epsom salt tones and moisturizes the skin, removes toxins from the cells and restores the sebaceous glands.
    Contained in Aphrodite Bath Salt, Gaya Bath Salt and Venus Bath Salt.

  • Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil (Tea Tree)
    by-cosmetics Tea Tree

    Even if this indigenous native of Australia, the tea tree, has nothing to do with tea, it has gained immense recognition in pharmaceuticals and cosmetology. The oil has potent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, and wound-healing effects. The plant contains a large number of terpenes - in particular, terpene-4-ol. It gives the oil healing properties to care for a problem and oily skin and fight inflammation, itching, redness. Finally, the tea tree has a regenerating and rehabilitating effect, eliminating puffiness and restoring the relief and healthy complexion of the skin.
    Contained in Beauty, Cayenne Body Mask, Detox/Decos, Facelift, Royal Peeling Mask, rub balm Bali Tiger, in balm for inhalation Dragon Breath, Facial Foam Cleanser, Fresh Tonic for Face, Mimpi Body Butter, Oil 20+ & Tea Tree Essential Oil.

  • Mentha Piperita Oil (Peppermint)
    by-cosmetics Mentha

    Fresh, juicy green mint is often used in cooking that people are starting to forget its medicinal properties. Meanwhile, mint is one of the most effective means of calming and relaxing the skin, also has a refreshing effect. It is one of the oldest plants which are widely used in both eastern and western medicine. More than two thousand years ago, mint was considered the primary means to normalize digestion. All the advantages of mint are kept in ether oils. It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. It also helps to normalize sebum production and helps to narrow pores on the face, and is used to eliminate acne. The excellent refreshing and invigorating effect is achieved with peppermint oil application onto aging sluggish, dull, and tired skin. Also, it helps to eliminate spider veins on the face (rosacea). It is helping to maintain the skin's moisture balance, thereby preventing its further wilting and the formation of wrinkles.
    Contained in rub balm Bali Tiger, in balm for inhalation Dragon Breath, Breeze Body Scrub, Shower Gel Bubble Gum, Cayenne Body Mask, Facial Foam Cleanser, Fresh Tonic for Face, Mimpi Body Butter & shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair, Black Magic Toothpaste & White Magic Toothpaste.

  • Menthol
    by-cosmetics Menthol

    Do you remember those delicious tongue-tingling mint sweets from your childhood? Mints and peppermint candies, mint gingerbread, mint syrup. Menthol is a component of peppermint essential oil derived from fresh mint leaves. Its recognizable, chilling flavor has tonic and refreshing properties and can act as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anesthetic remedy. Crystals of menthol are used widely in the food industry, pharmacology, and cosmetology. Menthol obtained naturally from plant materials improves blood circulation, has relaxing effects on muscles and the walls of blood vessels. It eliminates toxins, reducing itching, irritation, and allergic reactions. As an ingredient in various skin and hair care cosmetic products, menthol inhibits the activity of the sebaceous glands, narrows the pores, normalizes the nutrition of the hair follicles, gives a feeling of freshness, lessens eye contour puffiness, relieves stress, and helps to heal sunburns. The magical power of menthol will soothe oily and inflammation-prone skin; for mature skin, it will help restore its tone and radiance.
    Contained in Dragon Breath, shampoo for curly hair Silk Dreams for Dry-Normal Hair, shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair.

  • Michelia Alba Flower Oil (Magnolia)
    by-cosmetics Michelia

    Magnolia has been preserved to our days almost intact from the time of the Cretaceous period. Meanwhile, magnolia is valued not only as an ornamental plant but also as a valuable medicine and beautician. Magnolia flower secretes beneficial essential oil, containing valuable unsaturated acids, such as peanut, linoleic, stearic, etc. It perfectly protects the skin from harmful UV rays. Moreover, this miraculous oil can reduce the damage already caused by ultraviolet light. Moreover, active substances of magnolia flowers slow down the destruction of collagen and elastane fibers, thereby preventing premature aging. Recent advanced research has proven that this oil helps smooth wrinkles and helps prevent photoaging of the skin.
    Contained in Beauty, Paradise Hydrate for all Skin Types, Serum For Face, Simple Pleasure Body Butter, OMNIA Hair Mask, Only You Women's Deodorant, Gaya Bath Salt, Gaya Bath Oil.

  • Montmorillonite (Blue Clay)
    by-cosmetics Blue Clay

    Blue clay has invaluable not only cosmetic but, first of all - healing properties. Its composition: kaolinite, potassium necessary to normalize the moisture level in the skin, calcium, chromium, copper, sodium, zinc, iron, improves blood circulation, etc. The use of blue clay helps fight pigmented spots and freckles, evens the complexion, gives elasticity and firmness to your skin. Pronounced anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties help to cope with the symptoms of acne, deep clean the skin pores, and normalize sebaceous glands. The skin glow with beauty and health!
    Contained in Detox/Decos.

  • Montmorillonite (Red Clay)
    by-cosmetics Montmorillonite красная глина

    Red clay is filled with cosmic energies and contains unique properties that benefit humanity, as many keepers of the secrets of traditional medicine already know. For thousands of years of its existence on earth, red clay indeed became a true friend of people. So far, it has not lost its popularity. It's is widely used in medicine as well as in cosmetology. Montmorillonite improves microcirculation, blood circulation, nourishes and feeds the skin with oxygen. Its color determines that it contains a large amount of copper, silicon, and iron. Also, clay is an excellent tool for solving aesthetic problems of the skin and is a good helper in the fight against cellulite.
    Contained in Cayenne Body Mask.

  • Myristica Fragrans Fruit Powder (Nutmeg)
    by-cosmetics Nutmeg

    Sweet nutmeg in the wild is found only on the islands of Java and Sumatra. Its use in cooking is so unlimited. It is an irreplaceable seasoning for making desserts and chocolate and making alcoholic beverages (wine, punch, mulled wine), spicy curry mixtures, flavoring milk-based cocktails, cottage cheese, and cottage cheese casseroles, and even in the production of tobacco. Its beneficial properties apply when used externally. A high content of vitamins: A, B group, folic acid niacin, minerals: phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, copper, iodine, pectin starch makes it an indispensable ingredient in the cosmetic industry. Nutmeg improves the complexion, tightens, cleans pores, smoothens skin texture and stimulates blood circulation, perfectly tones and tightens your skin, thus restoring its natural youthful look. It is believed that the smell of nuts helps concentration, provokes the production of endorphins, and adjusts to a positive perception of the world.
    Contained in Bali Body Scrub.

  • N

  • Naticide (Natural Preservative)
    by-cosmetics Naticide

    Natural preservative Naticide - is a mixture of natural extracts produced by the Italian company Sinerga Skin Evolution. The patented formula is eco-certified by international company IFRA (the International Fragrance Association - International Association for aromatics), verifying the complete natural composition and the possibility of using it in the recipe for creating organic and all-natural skincare products.
    Contained in Facial Foam Cleanser and Facial Foam Cleanser Tropical Line.

  • Nigella Sativa Seed Oil (Black Cumin)
    by-cosmetics масло черного тмина

    Cumin is a beautiful spice known in the Orient since ancient times. These seeds add a unique, tart-and-tangy touch to the flavors of well-known and favorite foods such as marinades, baking, brown bread, and, of course, the fabulous Indian curry. The cold pressed cosmetic oil obtained from the seeds of black cumin is famous for its healing benefits. This plant contains many substances, which act as a catalyst for the metabolic processes and amino acids, vitamins B, C, D and E, calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper and other macro and micronutrients. Due to the high concentrations of fatty acids, such as linoleic acid (Omega 6), linolenic acid (Omega 3), palmitic and stearic acids, cumin oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties. Black cumin has a regenerating, toning, and resolving action; it's highly effective in treating various skin irritations and inflammations. Cosmetics with black cumin oil are recommended to care for sensitive and oily skin and the problem skin with acne, flaky or allergic skin. Cumin oil gives soft and delicate care for dry skin, softening, moisturizing, and toning it. In addition, this oil is an integral component in mature skincare: it promotes collagen production and improves elasticity, firmness, and skin turgor.
    Contained in Hydrate for Oily-Combination Skin.

  • O

  • Oenothera Biennis Oil (Evening Primrose)
    by-cosmetics evening primorose oil

    Affectionate names of evening primrose cannot be counted: a night candle, a summer violet, an evening star. It is not for nothing that the most beautiful images are chosen for their names because the evening primrose itself is generous with beauty. Oil "evening star" is rich in gamma-linoleic acid, perfectly restores the skin's elasticity and youthfulness, moisturizes and softens, smoothes wrinkles, and reduces inflammation. Furthermore, it negates the effect of environmental changes on the skin. Its transparent light floral fragrance creates a lively atmosphere.
    Contained in Oil 40+, Oil 50+, Oil 60+.

  • Oryza Sativa Powder (Brown Rice)
    by-cosmetics Rice

    Chopped red Asian rice husks enclose high nutritional value: rich in omega-fats starch, proteins, and other nutrients necessary to maintain healthy skin. Stearic acid improves the protective function of the skin vitamin F enhances firmness and elasticity, palmitic acid softens and retains moisture. Linolenic acid is a powerful antioxidant that slows the aging process.ticity, palmitic acid softens and retains moisture. Linolenic acid is a powerful anti-oxidant that slows the aging process.
    Contained in Bali Body Scrub & Breeze Body Scrub, Milky Way Face Scrub & Vanilla Sky Face Scrub.

  • P

  • Palm Kernel/Coco Glucoside
    by-cosmetics coconut

    Coco-Glucoside is a very delicate, non-ionic surfactant derived from plant ingredients. It is produced by fermenting coconut pulp (or coconut oil) and fruit sugar (glucose). Coco-Glucoside is used as a cleaning agent, foaming agent, emulsifier, and conditioner in natural cosmetics. As a part of a whole range of cosmetics, e.g., shampoo, shower gel, bath foam, liquid soap, facial foam, it helps to mix water and oil components, gently removes dirt, and creates soft, lush foam. Due to its mild effect, Coco-Glucoside is an ideal ingredient in cosmetics for sensitive and children's skin. It moisturizes and cares, making the skin smooth and hair - radiant and silky. It is an ecologically friendly and completely biodegradable product.
    Contained in shampoo for curly hair Silk Dreams for Dry-Normal Hair & shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair.

  • Pandanus Amarylliolius Leave Extract
    by-cosmetics pandan

    Pandan is found at the very edge of the ocean and near coastal forests in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines and Indonesia. The taste of pandan has been described as floral, sweet, herbal, and also similar to vanilla. In cooking, pandan (screw palm) leaves and their extract are used as a food preservative due to their antibacterial.
    The plant has many medicinal properties: antispasmodic, mucolytic, antipyretic, sedative and antiseptic. Healers also use pandanus to eliminate headaches, rheumatism and colds. The leaves of the plant replenish energy reserves and serve as a source of many useful substances, have antipyretic, sedative, antiseptic, antioxidant, antispasmodic and mucolytic effects, and relieve joint pain in arthritis. Also, the leaves have regenerative properties and renew the skin, so baths are often taken with them. Pandan leaf hair mask prevents dandruff. A paste of pandan leaves and warm water has an antifungal effect.
    Contained in Gaya Bath Salt.

  • Passiflora Incarnata Seed Oil (Passionfruit)
    by-cosmetics масло маракуйи

    Juicy tropical fruit passionfruit with extraordinary taste is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and fruit acids, causing the skin to love it. Fatty acids restore the protective lipid layer protecting skin from aging and negative environmental impacts. Vitamins nourish and enrich the skin antioxidants prevent the formation of free radicals, which destroy cells. Skin gets its freshness and elasticity back. In addition, it remains moist and supple for a very long time.
    Contained in Hydrate for Oily-Combination Skin.

  • Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil (Geranium)
    by-cosmetics geranium oil

    Did you know that the popular home flower is also a spice? In Europe, geranium is added to the compote, biscuits are cooked with it, and cakes are decorated with sugared petals! Geranium oil has beneficial effects on sensitive and damaged skin, rejuvenates, and makes it soft and silky. Geranium oil regenerating the skin at the cellular level normalizes the work of glands, eliminates rashes, and effectively treats eczema and dermatitis. Subtlest floral fragrance relaxes envelops veil of blissful tranquility.
    Contained in Beauty, Cayenne Body Mask, Facelift, Paradise Hydrate for all Skin Types, Hydrate for Dry-Normal Skin, Hydrate for Oily-Combination Skin, Kiss Me, Desire Body Butter & Mimpi Body Butter, Oil 20+, Only You Women's Deodorant, Aphrodite Bath Salt, Venus Bath Salt, Aphrodite Bath Oil, Venus Bath Oil & Geranium Essential Oil.

  • Persea Gratissima Oil (Avocado)
    by-cosmetics Avocado oil

    Women in South America prolonged youth with this natural and miracle cure for many centuries. Oil is an indispensable source of vitamins, minerals, and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Among them are oleic, palmitic, linoleic, linolenic palmitoleic, stearic fatty acids, vitamins A, E, D, B1, B2, K, PP, and potassium zinc squalene.
    Furthermore, avocado oil contains lecithin, a lot of chlorophyll, histidine, and phytosterols. This oil is unique because of its fat composition, which is close to human skin fats constitution, so all the nutrients in the oil penetrate to where they are needed. Avocado oil for the face - is the best that you can offer to your skin.
    Contained in #FORHIM After Shave Hydrate, Paradise Hydrate for all Skin Types, Hydrate for Dry-Normal Skin, Oil 40+.

  • Piper Cubeba Fruit Oil (Cubeb)
    by-cosmetics Cubeb

    Indonesian Cubeb, which grows on Java, Sumatra, and Borneo, is ideal for vegetable dishes and seafood. Cubeb oil contains protein vitamins, which have antiseptic, toning, and firming action. They regulate sebum tighten pores reduce inflammation and even the tone. The skin takes on a healthy natural glow. Inhaling the spicy lemon scent cubeb, you are immersed in high spirits, revealing creativity and getting a charge of creative energy.
    Contained in Breeze Body Scrub, Cayenne Body Mask & One Love Body Butter.

  • Plumeria sp. Flower Distillate (Hydrolate Frangipani)
    by-cosmetics Frangipani

    Evergreen tropical tree plumeria, often called Frangipani, gives year-round, with a strong aroma and exquisite flowers that have a beneficial effect on the human body. In the Middle Ages, thanks to Patricia Rome, Muzio Frangipani was created as one of the most famous and popular ancient flavors, wherein the lineup, dominated by volatile oil frangipani (plumeria). Exactly 3,000 flowers gathered by hand fill its fragrance and beauty 1-liter Hydrolat, which we take as a basis for the preparation tonic Fresh. This concentrated juice is produced in a unique way flash-distilled from the heart bud contains more than 37 mineral elements. Has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and regenerating action, great tones, refreshes the skin, restores turgor, and returns a healthy complexion. His intoxicating fruit and spicy aroma has on people favorable psycho-emotional effect, soothes, helps to restore balance and harmony with each other.
    Contained in Fresh Tonic for Face, Serum For Face, Foam Cleanser Tropical Line, Feel Love Tropical Line.

  • Pogostemon Cablin Leaf Oil (Patchouli)
    by-cosmetics patchouli oil

    Since ancient times, oriental delicacies exude a subtle aroma of patchouli. This precious gift of tropical nature also helps to care for any skin type. Patchouli stimulates cell renewal, smooths wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, and brightens the small scars. It softens and nourishes dry skin, tones up tired and drab skin. For oily skin, patchouli is antiseptic, and regenerating means it regulates the sebaceous glands, tightens pores, and heals inflammation. The aroma of patchouli promotes creativity is said to bring prosperity.
    Contained in #FORHIM Shaving Cream, Hydrate for Dry-Normal Skin, Oil 30+, shampoo for curly hair Silk Dreams for Dry-Normal Hair, Aphrodite Bath Salt, Aphrodite Bath Oil & Patchouli Essential Oil.

  • Potassium Sorbate
    by-cosmetics Potassium Sorbate

    Potassium sorbate is a healthy preservative of plant origin, often used in cosmetology and the food industry. This substance was discovered in the middle of the 19th century; it is found in rowanberries in the wild. Its chemical composition is the potassium salt of sorbic acid, which is not toxic even when ingested. In vivo, this acid decomposes into water and carbon dioxide, and any polyunsaturated fatty acid. Potassium sorbate can fight against aerophilic bacteria, mold, yeast, and other pathogenic microflora. It has made it an indispensable ingredient for a wide range of cosmetic products, such as facial and body creams, lotions, make-up, shampoos, and hair conditioners. In addition, this component has moisturizing and emollient properties, so its use in small doses positively affects all skin types.
    Contained in Shower Gel Bubble Gum, shampoo for curly hair Silk Dreams for Dry-Normal Hair & shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair, OMNIA Hair Mask, Black Magic Toothpaste & White Magic Toothpaste.

  • Prunus Amygdalus Seed Oil (Sweet Almond)
    by-cosmetics sweet almond oil

    Sweet almond oil perfectly moisturizes the skin and helps it retain its natural moisture. Due to its light texture, it is easily absorbed and does not leave a greasy film. Rich in natural nutrients including vitamins (A, E, B) and monounsaturated fatty acids. Nourishes the skin, makes it softer and more elastic, helps to smooth out wrinkles and improves skin texture. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help protect the skin from free radical damage and other harmful environmental factors. It can also help relieve irritation and soothe irritated or inflamed skin, speed up the skin's regeneration process, reduce inflammation, and help heal wounds or minor skin lesions. Sweet almond oil is ideal for whole-body skin care. It can be used to massage, moisturize dry areas of the skin and improve the overall condition of the skin, making it smoother, more radiant and well-groomed.
    Contained in Aphrodite Bath Oil, Gaya Bath Oil, Venus Bath Oil.

  • Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil (Apricot)
    by-cosmetics Абрикосовое масло

    Naughty apricot - is a companion for a carefree hot summer where the source of beauty is hidden at its heart. It has a powerful biological effect perfectly absorbed and penetrates deeply into the skin. Oil enriches the skin with nutrients, moisturizes, has an anti-aging effect, and relieves inflammation. Its composition - is a storehouse of vitamins A, B, C, D, E, F, fatty acids, phospholipids, lectins, enzymes, mineral substances, potassium, calcium, iron, copper, and zinc. Ideal for the sensitive and delicate skin around the eyes.
    Contained in Paradise Hydrate for all Skin Types, Hydrate for Dry-Normal Skin & Oil 20+, Oil 30+, Oil 40+,Oil 50+.

  • Prunus Domestica Seed Oil (Plum)
    by-cosmetics масло сливовых косточек

    For experienced cooks, plum seed oil is an essential ingredient in the gourmet recipes of delicious sauces and desserts. The delicate fragrance of almond and marzipan embraces and enchants you with a subtle, seductive, and sweet aroma. If you treat yourself to a cosmetic oil with plum seeds extract, then your skin will appreciate it to bits; and not only because of a pleasant smell. Nature has lavished the plum seed oil with a unique composition; it contains about 92% of beneficial unsaturated fatty acids. Oleic acid, known as Omega-9, has moisturizing properties. It nourishes and softens even the damaged skin. Linoleic (Omega-6) and linolenic (omega-3) acids slow the aging process, accelerate metabolism and fight dermal irritation, toning and refreshing the skin from within. Saturated fatty acids, represented in plum seed oil, are palmitic and stearic acids. They improve the skin's barrier properties and protect it from the wind, frost, and sunlight. Tocopherol, or vitamin E, is also included in the composition of this oil. As a potent anti-oxidant, it improves tissue regeneration, possesses anti-inflammatory effects, and protects the skin from toxins and harmful UV radiation. In addition, vitamin E is a natural preservative, which carefully and securely retains the freshness of cosmetic products.
    Contained in Oil 60+.

  • R

  • Ricinus Communis Seed Oil (Castor)
    by-cosmetics Castor

    Castor oil is derived from the castor of the tropics, specifically from the evergreen shrub that reaches a height of 10 meters. This viscous syrup is rich in fatty acids, which have genuinely miraculous properties: it eliminates dryness, peeling, roughness, restores skin's elasticity and tone. The highest percentage in the composition is ricinoleic acid, which has a beautiful soothing calming effect and an effective agent in the fight against fine wrinkles and uneven skin.
    Contained in Beauty & Kiss Me.

  • Rosa Centifolia Flower
    by-cosmetics centifolia rose

    Many legends and stories are associated with the miraculous properties of roses. This flower was considered the patron of the goddess of love Aphrodite, and Cleopatra used its extracts for beauty and youth. In order for them to retain their maximum properties, the petals are harvested by hand during their maximum flowering. And early in the morning, so that the dew drops remain.
    Rose is a plant-derived antioxidant that can be used for all skin types, including sensitive ones. Flower extracts, like medicinal herbs, have a healing effect, an allergy to them is practically excluded. Rose petals contain a high level of natural fatty acids, which have moisturizing and anti-aging properties. It is suitable both for the prevention of skin aging and for the fight against already existing deep wrinkles and uneven tone. In addition, according to recent studies, rose stem cells improve the interconnection of skin cells with each other, which helps to maintain or tighten the oval of the face. It has an anti-inflammatory, sebum-regulating and healing effect, so products containing this ingredient will work well for problem skin. They have protective properties: in combination with other components or means, they fight against adverse environmental factors - ultraviolet, ozone, carbon dioxide.
    Centifolia rose, compared to Damascus rose, has stronger soothing, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties. We use rose petals in our salt.
    Contained in Aphrodite Bath Salt.

  • Rosa Damascena Flower Oil (Rose)
    by-cosmetics масло дамасской розы

    Oh, that marvelous rose! Its aroma is gentle, like the love itself, and full of passion, like the "The Thousand and One Nights" fairy tales. This flower was under the auspices of the goddess of love, Aphrodite, and ancient poets praised in songs its delicate beauty. From the ancient world to the present day, the fresh petals of Damask Rose, being collected with the first rays of dawn, are the source for the precious rose oil extract. It is worth its weight in gold at all times because rose oil is an absolute treasure-trove of beauty.
    Rose oil softens, nourishes, and moisturizes the skin, restores its tone, and improves complexion. Like almost all flower oils, it has a pronounced lifting effect. Natural antioxidants and antibacterial agents help deal with facial imperfections such as flaking, irritation, age spots, fine scars, and wrinkles. The vascular strengthening properties of rose oil well restore the vascular walls and blood circulation of the skin, eliminate spider veins, the unpleasant consequences of prolonged exposure to the sun, and reduce the harm that tobacco smoke causes to smokers' skin. The high concentration of vitamin C helps restore the skin's natural defenses and evens its surface. Its tannins have a mild sebum-regulating effect: they regulate sebum production, tighten pores and improve skin turgor.
    Contained in Paradise Hydrate for all Skin Types & Oil 30+, Oil 50+, Oil 60+, Only You Women's Deodorant.

  • Rosa Rubiginosa Oil (Rosehip)
    by-cosmetics масло шиповника

    The fantastic properties of rosehip known since ancient Sparta in Russia have already been used in the 17th century. Unique expeditions were fitted to harvesting these medicinal fruits. Rosehip oil contains more than 15 different types of saturated monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids and a lot of linoleic, linolenic, and oleic acids. These acids help strengthen the protective barrier of the skin and are highly effective building blocks for the cells. Moreover, cosmetic rosehip oil contains many vitamins C, E, and pro retinol A (vitamin A).
    As you know, vitamins C and E are potent antioxidants that effectively fight free radicals and significantly slowing down the aging process. In addition, vitamin C helps to stimulate collagen synthesis. It is necessary to maintain flexibility, elasticity, and skin tone. And vitamin E, in turn, promotes good skin hydration, saturate it with oxygen and maintain its freshness, beauty, and youth. For the full action pro retinol, A protects the skin from aggressive environmental influences and supports health. In addition, it has a brightening effect on the skin, preventing hyperpigmentation.
    Contained in Paradise Hydrate for all Skin Types & Oil 30+, Oil 50+, Oil 60+.

  • Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract (Rosemary)
    by-cosmetics Rosemary

    Charming Mediterranean cuisine owes much to the use of fresh and fragrant spice - rosemary. The plant plays a vital role in cosmetology. As an antioxidant, rosemary has excellent antibacterial and anti-fungal action, fills with freshness and tone, stimulates blood circulation, and relieves irritation. It gives youth and vigor, not only to skin. Its refreshing, slightly pine aroma enhances concentration and improves memory - this is why rosemary has no equal.
    Contained in Beauty, Cayenne Body Mask, Detox/Decos, Facelift, Royal Peeling Mask, #FORHIM After Shave Hydrate, Paradise Hydrate for all Skin Types, Hydrate for Dry-Normal Skin, Hydrate for Oily-Combination Skin, Oil 20+, Oil 30+, Oil 40+, Oil 50+, Fresh Tonic for Face, Serum For Face, OMNIA Hair Mask, Aphrodite Bath Oil, Gaya Bath Oil, Venus Bath Oil.

  • Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil (Rosemary)
    by-cosmetics Rosemary

    The essential oil obtained from the flowers, leaves, and tops of rosemary shoots has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It eliminates the excessive activity of the sebaceous glands, the appearance of acne, and blockages. By stimulating blood circulation, rosemary oil improves skin elasticity, restores skin tone, and reduces swelling. Smoothes superficial wrinkles, removes signs of fatigue.
    Contained in rub balm Bali Tiger, Cayenne Body Mask, Detox/Decos, Fresh Tonic for Face, Hydrate for Oily-Combination Skin, Oil 40+, Serum For Face, Black Magic Toothpaste & White Magic Toothpaste.

  • S

  • Salvia Sclarea Flower Oil (Clary Sage)
    by-cosmetics масло шалфея

    Known for its herbaceous and sweet aroma with subtle fruity notes, the name Clary Sage Oil is derived from the Latin word claris, meaning "clear", because the oil is a natural antiseptic and a potent anti-inflammatory agent. Sage oil cleans and restores the skin, regulates the activity of sebaceous glands, promotes regeneration, and prevents wrinkles. The fresh nut-grass smell of sage relaxes and soothes, softens, cleans breath, and strengthens the immune system. Aromatically, Clary Sage has been used to cultivate a relaxing and peaceful environment that can create a sense of balance and grounding. For centuries, Clary Sage Oil has been favored for its versatility in supporting women's health. Studies have shown that this herbaceous oil can ease the severity of menstrual cramps, as well as treat PMS symptoms such as mood swings.
    Contained in rub balm Bali Tiger, #FORHIM Shaving Cream, Oil 30+.

  • Santalum Album Wood Oil (Sandalwood)
    by-cosmetics Sandalwood

    Elegant luxury sandalwood oil is a special note in the orchestra's composition. The warm and sensual fragrance will plunge you into the atmosphere of unhurried eastern life where luxury and tranquility reign. Sandalwood oil - is not only an unforgettable fragrance but also excellent cosmetic properties. It rejuvenates, refreshes, revitalizes and returns the skin to its original elasticity. The oil effectively removes fine and deep wrinkles, incredibly skillfully removes the mesh around the eyes. Flabby, tired, dry skin - in the list of indications for the use of sandalwood oil, it is valuable for its moisturizing and nourishing properties. This material also has a powerful antiseptic and anti-fungal effect that helps eliminate acne, dermatitis, and acne, reduces inflammation, reduces pores, and normalizes the sebaceous glands. Due to the high antibacterial properties of sandalwood oil can stop the development of infections, so it is used, both inward and outward.
    Contained in #FORHIM Shaving Cream, #FORHIM After Shave Hydrate, Hydrate for Oily-Combination Skin, Fresh Tonic for Face, Milky Way Face Scrub & Vanilla Sky Face Scrub, Mimpi Body Butter, Oil 60+, Only You Men's Deodorant, Aphrodite Bath Salt, Aphrodite Bath Oil.

  • Saponaria Officinalis Leaf Extract (Soapwort)
    by-cosmetics Soapwort

    What would you do if you run out of shampoo, soap, or detergent? The simplest solution is to go to the store and buy a new one from the assortment of dozens (if not hundreds) of items. But how did our great-great-grandparents deal with their daily washing and personal hygiene issues? A plant, a mere flower commonly found in the vast area from Western Europe to Siberia, helped them over. Today we call it the soapwort, and the Latin name of this humble perennial flower, Saponaria officinalis, comes from the word "Sapo", which means soap. Decoction of the soapwort roots back in the Middle Ages was used for body and hair care and laundry soap for costly textile and clothes made of silk and delicate fabrics. The active substances in its composition are triterpene saponins. They provide foaming, and also they have antioxidant, antiviral, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties. In natural cosmetics, the soapwort extract acts as a surfactant with a powerful but very gentle effect. It carefully removes dirt, creates a lush foam, rejuvenates the skin, restores the protective functions of the epidermis, improves the complexion, gives the skin freshness and silky smoothness, improves microcirculation in the epidermis, and decreases the probability of allergic reactions. As a component of shampoos, the soapwort stimulates hair growth, strengthens it, gives volume, and facilitates styling. Soapwort is a universal treatment; it is suitable for any skin or hair. It provides optimal care and hydration for normal skin. It minimizes the risk of redness and itching; it softens, soothes, and gives a comfortable feeling. Its effective but delicate cleansing combined with a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect helps fight acne and dermatitis on blemish-prone skin and oily hair.
    Contained in shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair.

  • Serine
    by-cosmetics Serine

    It is an amino acid from silk proteins and is involved in the construction of almost all-natural proteins. It is very important for the formation of cell membranes, and also indirectly participates in the formation of new collagen and elastin. Strengthens the hair shaft, restores the cuticle, softens and smoothes, making curls elastic, shiny and silky.
    Contained in OMNIA Hair Mask.

  • Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil (Sesame)
    by-cosmetics Sesame Seed

    Sesame has been being cultivated for over 7000 years. Since ancient times, sesame seeds are used for cooking and oil production, famous for their cosmetic and medical properties. Flavor sesame oil has a beneficial effect on the skin, rejuvenating and protecting it from harmful UV rays. Vitamin E is also called the "vitamin of youth", and the unique set of amino acids are worthy of notice in the nutrient composition included in sesame oil. This combination stimulates cellular metabolism, protecting the skin from loss of elasticity. Other valuable components of sesame oil are sesamin, vitamin B, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and various nutritious unsaturated and saturated fatty acids. It makes sesame oil the precious elixir of life and beauty.
    Contained in Beauty.

  • Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil (Jojoba)
    by-cosmetics jojoba oil

    While Asian chefs cook from jojoba desserts and spices, the plant generously nourishes the skin. The chemical composition of jojoba oil is unique, and the properties of the plant are similar to spermaceti - a nutrient derived from whale fat. Massive amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamin E in composition provides anti-aging, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative qualities. Regular use of jojoba oil slows down aging and safeguards the skin from aggressive environmental influences.
    Contained in Beauty, #FORHIM After Shave Hydrate, Paradise Hydrate for all Skin Types, Hydrate for Dry-Normal Skin, Hydrate for Oily-Combination Skin, Facial Foam Cleanser, in sunblock Matahari Sunblock SPF 30 & Oil 20+, Oil 30+, Oil 60+.

  • Sodium Chloride (Sea Salt)
    by-cosmetics sea solt

    Salt - is the most popular seasoning, essential in many recipes in the world. But as you know, salt differs. If you support the idea of a healthy diet, you probably keep sea salt in the kitchen. It allows you to prepare delicious and healthy food and is a source of health for the skin. The composition of sea salt is close to the natural salts of the skin, straightforward to digest, and fills the cells with minerals and trace elements. At the same time, oceanic salt cleans accumulated toxins and gives a natural glow. Rich in iodine and fluoride.

    Contained in White Magic Toothpaste.

  • Sodium Bicarbonate
    by-cosmetics sodium bicarbonate

    Soda ash is great for removing soft plaque and pigments from food and drinks. This simple ingredient helps to neutralize the acidic environment in the mouth that causes minerals to leach out of the enamel (demineralization) and cause tooth decay. Safely but very effectively whitens and polishes teeth without damaging the enamel. Soda also has a powerful antiseptic effect, which reduces inflammation in the mouth and pain in the gums. Baking soda is also antibacterial and neutralizes mouth odours by killing pathogens.
    Contained in White Magic Toothpaste, Gaya Bath Salt and Venus Bath Salt.

  • Sodium Cocoamphoacetate
    by-cosmetics Coconut

    Sodium Cocoamphoacetate is a plant origin surfactant based on coconut oil fatty acids. This harmless and hypoallergenic ingredient is widely used in "green cosmetics" instead of aggressive synthetic surfactants. It has very mild detergent properties, promotes foaming, and gives a delicate texture to cosmetic products. As part of hair care products, it not only delicately removes dirt but also acts as a conditioner. It restores damaged hair structure, improves elasticity, moisturizes, enhances shine, and makes styling easier. When contacted with the skin, it gently cleans it, promotes deeper penetration of the active components of cosmetics into the horny layer of the skin. It forms an invisible lubricant film on the skin surface, which protects against dehydration and adverse effects of the external environment and ideal for all skin types, susceptible and problem skin.
    Contained in Shower Gel Bubble Gum, shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair, shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair.

  • Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate
    by-cosmetics Coconut

    It is a mild surfactant of plant origin, obtained by synthesizing glutamic acid and coconut oil fatty acids. The importance of glutamic acid for the body is difficult to overestimate: it promotes the production of histamine and serotonin, neutralizes and removes ammonia and other toxins from the body; in addition, it is a neurotransmitter, participating in the process of transmission of nerve impulses in the brain. Glutamic acid is indispensable for skin health and normal functioning:
    - It stimulates cellular regeneration, microcirculation, and collagen synthesis.
    - It strengthens the protective layer of the epidermis and hair.
    - It moisturizes, cleans, and narrows the pores.
    This amino acid hAs an antioxidant, healing, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory effect. It softens the skin and increases its elasticity. It is used as a foaming agent, mild detergent, and emulsifier in cosmetic products, such as facial foam cleansers, shampoos, hair conditioners, and cosmetics for kids. Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate slows the oxidation of lipids of the skin and maintains its protective functions. It normalizes the pH level, gives the skin softness, silky smoothness, gently cleanses impurities, and creates an invisible protective film on the surface of the epidermis, preventing evaporation of moisture. Due to its antibacterial properties, this eco-friendly and biodegradable ingredient reduces the number of preservatives in cosmetics.
    Contained in shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair, shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair, Black Magic Toothpaste & White Magic Toothpaste.

  • Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate
    by-cosmetics Beet

    Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate is a multifunctional surfactant of plant origin. It is most commonly derived from fermented sugar beets, vegetable oil, and palm sugar. In chemistry, it is the ester of the sodium salt of stearic and lactic acid; it is used in detergents, various shampoos, cosmetic creams, and food. This additive is harmless to human health, both for internal and external use. Clinical studies have recognized this substance as non-toxic and hypoallergenic because both lactic and stearic acids are the usual products of human metabolism. Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate acts as an emulsifier; it helps otherwise immiscible ingredients, such as oil and water, to mix. In addition, it promotes deeper penetration of the active cosmetic components into the skin, and it also is an excellent emollient and moisturizer.
    Contained in shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair, shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair.

  • Sorbitol
    by-cosmetics Сорбитол

    Many people know that sorbitol is a healthy substitute for regular sugar in diet beverages and food. However, this substance is also widely used in cosmetics: shampoos and hair conditioners, body and facial creams, aftershave lotions, toothpaste, and soaps. Sorbitol is a natural substance found in starchy berries and fruits: rowanberries, plums, apples, pears, peaches, and some types of seaweed. For industrial purposes, the most common natural source is corn or tapioca.
    In its chemical composition, sorbitol is a polyatomic sugar alcohol. One of the most exciting properties of sorbitol is hygroscopicity, that is, the ability to derive water from the environment. Sorbitol retains water on the surface of the epidermis, helping the skin maintain its moisture reserves. It is best performing in conjunction with other moisturizing ingredients in a cosmetic composition. In addition, it prevents premature hardening and drying of cosmetics. Sorbitol softens and moisturizes the skin, removes peeling, and prevents inflammation. As an ingredient in shampoo, it cares for thin and damaged hair, improves their condition, and returns shine. It has excellent conditioning properties.
    Also, sorbitol can act as a natural thickener, emulsifier, and stabilizer, improving the texture of cosmetic products, giving them softness, velvetiness, and a pleasant sweet fragrance.
    Contained in shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair, shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair and for curly hair Silk Dreams for Dry-Normal Hair, Black Magic Toothpaste & White Magic Toothpaste.

  • Soy Amino Acids
    by-cosmetics Soy Amino Acids

    Hydrolyzed soy proteins are cleaved protein compounds. Due to their composition and low molecular weight structure, they are able to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin and hair. Effectively restore the structure of split and brittle hair, strengthening the loose damaged cortex and filling voids in the cuticle. They perfectly retain moisture, protecting the strands from drying out and the negative influence of environmental factors. This makes the hair stronger and more elastic, giving it a healthy glossy shine.
    Contained in OMNIA Hair Mask.

  • Squalane
    by-cosmetics Squalane

    "Rejuvenating Oil" or "vitamin oxygen" extracted from olives by hydrogenation. Importantly, this method does not obtain squalane, includes the use of solvents, and accordingly eliminates traces of residual solvent content. Macromolecule squalane quickly penetrates human skin cell membranes and is a critical component of the secretion of the sebaceous glands (up to 12- 14%). Due to the natural affinity with the skin and high penetrating ability, squalane effectively acts as a carrier of biologically active substances into the skin's profoundly lying layers. High emollient, brings relief to dehydrated and sensitive skin, heals and restores cracked, non-comedogenic, does not leave a greasy feeling, while leaving the skin feeling soft and silky. It has a bactericidal effect. It converts the structure of epidermal lipids due to wound-healing properties and is effective against most skin diseases, including eczema, psoriasis, ulcers, and burns. It helps prevent the formation of age spots and improves skin resistance to UV radiation.
    Contained in #FORHIM After Shave Hydrate, Paradise Hydrate for all Skin Types, Hydrate for Dry-Normal Skin, Hydrate for Oily-Combination Skin & Oil 20+, Oil 30+, Oil 40+,Oil 50+,Oil 60+.

  • Sucrose Cocoate
    by-cosmetics Coconut

    Sucrose Cocoate is a polysaccharide, a derivative of sucrose esters and coconut oil fatty acids. It is obtained from natural sugar (most commonly cane or beet sugar) and coconut oil. This substance has become widespread in "green" cosmetics due to its very gentle and delicate action. In the composition of hair-care products, Sucrose Cocoate has conditioning and antistatic effect. It promotes smooth combing, making your hair silky and shiny. In body and facial creams, lotions, and cleansers, prevents skin dryness and peeling. In addition, it softens, relieves itching, and soothes the skin. Moisturizing benefits are provided due to the properties of polysaccharides. In connection with water, they form an invisible film on the surface of the skin or hair with high moisture retention capacity. As an auxiliary component, Sucrose Cocoate acts as an emulsifier and stabilizer, mixing the oil components with water and preventing the separation of the emulsion created by it. It also promotes the formation of thick but soft and gentle foam and increases the viscosity of cosmetic products. As a natural emollient and refatting component, it provides an accelerated recovery of the skin barrier after cleansing; it prevents the removal of vital structural lipids from the epidermis; gives the skin and hair a well-groomed appearance, smoothness, elasticity, and silky smoothness. It is a completely biodegradable product.
    Contained in Shower Gel Bubble Gum, shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair, shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair.

  • Sucrose Laurate
    by-cosmetics Sucrose Laurate

    Sucrose Laurate is a natural emulsifier with moisturizing properties and a very smooth action. In various cosmetic formulations, such as lotions or body butter, it is used to mix the oil and aqueous phases; it does not allow the separation of the final product. Sucrose laurate is especially effective during the so-called "cold production", when all cosmetic components are mixed at room temperature. We use this method in our factory: it allows us to retain all the natural power of herbal ingredients in by-cosmetics products. The heating can destroy vitamins, minerals, and beneficial amino acids included in the composition of the plants and essential oils. This harmless substance is a derivative of two herbal ingredients: cane sugar and lauric acid. Cane sugar is one of the healthiest natural sugars rich in vitamin B complex and minerals. Lauric acid is abundant in some vegetable oils, in particular in coconut oil. This saturated fatty acid has antimicrobial, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. It acts as a powerful anti-oxidant that protects the skin from UV rays, sharp air, and strong wind. In addition, it effectively heals cracks and micro-traumas of the epidermis. And what is more, lauric acid is a significant component of human breast milk, which increases immune forces in the child's body.
    Contained in #FORHIM Shaving Cream, Aphrodite Bath Oil, Gaya Bath Oil, Venus Bath Oil.

  • T

  • Tamarindus Indica Fruit Extract (Tamarind)
    by-cosmetics Tamarind

    Indian Tamarind is an evergreen tropical tree native to Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Extract produced from the seeds of sweet fruit and has the structure of the polysaccharide and properties emollients, moisturizes and prevents dehydration of the skin. Rich with vitamins A, B, and vitamin C. It improves skin functions (strengthens intercellular communication prevents the loss of interstitial fluid, stimulates cell metabolism). The content of alpha-hydroxy acids (glycolic malic, tartaric) smoothes skin, removes dead cells making the skin more radiant.
    Contained in Facial Foam Cleanser.

  • Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter (Cocoa)
    by-cosmetics масло какао

    Who does not like to treat yourself to a chocolate bar? Cocoa - a source of endorphins and substances that return vigor and improve the nervous system. Active ingredients of cocoa butter moisturize and soften the skin, making it supple and smooth. They restore the lipid balance, smoothing wrinkles and crow's feet. Cocoa butter is effective in treating stretch marks, small scars, and the consequences of rash. Finally, cocoa protects the skin from chapping and dryness, and its fragrance brings joy, courage, and inspiration.
    Contained in rub balm Bali Tiger, in sunblock Matahari Sunblock SPF 30 & Desire Body Butter, Mimpi Body Butter, Miracle Body Butter, One Love Body Butter, Simple Pleasure Body Butter, Only You Women's Deodorant & Only You Men's Deodorant.

  • Thuja Occidentalis Leaf Oil
    by-cosmetics масло туи

    Thuja stands out amongst the conifers in the number of valuable elements, which explains its wide range of appliances. Flavonoids, tannic components, fragrant resins, saponins, and terpenes make its oil powerful in anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties. It is highly efficient in treating allergy, dermatitis, itchiness, edema, and lesion caused by stress. This oil has strong regenerative properties and helps to smooth out old stretch marks and stria. Thuja is one of the strongest tonic ethers, offering quick relief from fatigue symptoms and returning the natural shine and beauty to your skin.
    Attention! Contradictions for pregnancy!
    Contained in rub balm Bali Tiger, Shower Gel Bubble Gum & Desire Body Butter, Aphrodite Bath Salt, Venus Bath Salt, Aphrodite Bath Oil, Venus Bath Oil.

  • Titanium Dioxide
    by-cosmetics диоксид титана

    TiO2- A natural mineral that is isolated from titanium-containing ores. Safe, physical, sunscreen in the composition of sunblock, able to reflect and block the rays of the spectra of UVA and UVB by 25%. Highly cleaned coarse-grained crystals of titanium dioxide protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. They reflect and refract rays on the skin surface, thereby reducing the detrimental effects of the sun. The advantage of this material is its chemical neutrality: it does not react with the skin, and therefore does not cause allergic reactions, does not interact with living cells, and is not absorbed through the skin. Titanium dioxide is not an active component due to its inertia. Its main task is to protect it from which it has coped perfectly for decades!
    Contained in Matahari Sunblock SPF 30.

  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E)
    by-cosmetics Tocopherol Vitamin E

    Why are nuts sometimes taste so good, or spinach, even broccoli? Why is it sometimes the best supper consists entirely of carrot salad, potatoes, cucumbers? These products contain the most amount of the vitamin E feminine chemical responsible for beauty and well-being! This powerful antioxidant slows photoaging and restores the skin's youthfulness, prevents the formation of free radicals, and restores skin elasticity and freshness. In addition, tocopherol enhances the protective properties of the epidermis, eliminates crashes, and improves the color - the skin becomes smooth, shiny, and bright!
    Contained in #FORHIM After Shave Hydrate, Paradise Hydrate for all Skin Types, Hydrate for Dry-Normal Skin, Hydrate for Oily-Combination Skin & Oil 20+, Oil 30+, Oil 40+,Oil 50+,Oil 60+, Facial Foam Cleanser, in sunblock Matahari Sunblock SPF 30, Vanilla Sky Face Scrub, OMNIA Hair Mask, Black Magic Toothpaste & White Magic Toothpaste, Only You Women's Deodorant, Only You Men's Deodorant, Aphrodite Bath Salt, Gaya Bath Salt, Venus Bath Salt, Aphrodite Bath Oil, Gaya Bath Oil, Venus Bath Oil.

  • Triticum Vulgare Germ Oil (Wheat)
    by-cosmetics Wheat

    Bread is the staff of life. It is true in cosmetics, and golden wheat germ oil is full of incredible biologically active substances, essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and lipids. Substances intended for the creation of a new life revive the skin. They nourish, rejuvenate, and detoxify it. In dry and prone to fading skin, oil eliminates peeling. Fat clears inflammation, acne, and redness. A miraculous agent helps tighten the shape of the face, makes the skin elastic, and brings it into a youthful appearance.
    Contained in Kiss Me & in sunblock Matahari Sunblock SPF 30.

  • V

  • Valeriana Officinalis Root Oil
    by-cosmetics Valerian

    Valerian - a legendary herb known as wood incense or cat grass-has been successfully used with neurodermatitis, stress rashes, scrapes, and diaper rash on the skin. Even in ancient Rome, it was considered almost the only medicine that heals all diseases. Valerian oil has established itself as an active cosmetic additive to eliminate the irritation and redness of the skin. It stimulates blood circulation and nutrition of the epidermis and is a remedy against photodermatitis (sun allergy) and various symptoms of sun-damaged skin, cold, and wind. It is believed that valerian - a powerful adaptogen and can influence the biosynthesis of DNA, stimulating and toning it. Delicate aroma relaxation can enter into a calm state, relieve stress with an unstable condition, nervous exhaustion, anxiety, and fear. The oil has a very fresh, persistent, dense, and deep scent of green forest with balsamic notes, allowing to plunge into the tranquil atmosphere for self-reflection and introspection.
    Contained in Beauty.

  • Vanilla Planifolia Bean Extract
    by-cosmetics экстракт ванили

    Your skin loves "Food" with vanilla. "Nectar of the Gods" is full of natural sugar, fats, and mineral salts, filling the cells with energy and acting as moisturizers, increasing skin elasticity and softness. Vanilla has a mild whitening effect, evens tone, and refreshes the skin. Its natural and long-lasting aroma resembles the smell of the milk and brings with it a sense of peace and security, driving away from anxiety and stress. A couple of breaths - and soul will bloom with delicate creamy flowers.
    Contained in Desire Body Butter, Mimpi Body Butter, Miracle Body Butter, One Love Body Butter, Simple Pleasure Body Butter, Kiss Me & Vanilla Sky Face Scrub.

  • Vanilla Planifolia Seed
    by-cosmetics экстракт ванили

    Grounded vanilla seeds - are from a fantastic plant of the orchid family. The flowers are on long and flexible vines disclosed only for one day and are then pollinated by bees and particular hummingbirds, and then long brown boxes with seeds are formed. In them lies the primary nutritional value of the royal plant. Seeds perfectly soften, nourish and tone the skin due to aldehyde vanillin (about 3%), giving a specific sweet smell. Cinnamic ether and tannins reduce irritation and inflammation of the skin, especially in women during menstrual syndrome.
    Contained in Vanilla Sky Face Scrub.

  • Vegetable Glycerin
    by-cosmetics Vegetable Glycerin

    Our glycerin derived from coconut oil has nothing to do with glycerin obtained by chemical synthesis. Hypoallergenic with good skin penetration are all essential qualities: attracts water from the outside, even at relatively low humidity. We are increasing the capacity of moisturizing ingredients included in the recipe and improving the penetration of active substances into the deeper layers of the skin.
    Contained in Shower Gel Bubble Gum, #FORHIM Shaving Cream, Kiss Me, shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair, shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair, OMNIA Hair Mask, Black Magic Toothpaste & White Magic Toothpaste, Aphrodite Bath Oil, Gaya Bath Oil, Venus Bath Oil.

  • Vetiveria Zizanoides Root Oil (Vetiver)
    by-cosmetics Vetiver

    Vetiver oil is extracted from long-life tropical grass or its branched roots to regenerate anti-inflammatory properties. It stimulates the capillaries and lymph flow, eliminating the puffiness of the face and removes puffiness under the eyes. It actively rejuvenates the skin, enveloping it in a beautiful aroma. Because of these qualities, woody fragrance improves mood and helps to forget the negative emotions vetiver oil has become world-famous.
    Contained in #FORHIM After Shave Hydrate, Oil 40+, Only You Men's Deodorant & Vetiver Essential Oil.

  • Viola Odorata (Violet) Oil
    by-cosmetics масло фиалки

    Did you know that in one old Spanish shop (it is a hundred years old!), You can still enjoy a fabulous treat - candied violets and violet caramel? They say the taste of sweets leaves a lasting impression. Your skin also loves violet oil, which is full of carotene and vitamin C but cleans the pores, heals minor damage, and improves blood circulation. Violet aroma envelops inspiration, instantly calms the nerves, and banishes insomnia.
    Contained in Oil 50+, OMNIA Hair Mask.

  • Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil (Grape)
    by-cosmetics масло виноградных косточек

    We can not imagine the history of humanity without a grapevine. Its’ juicy berries, which soaked up the energy of the warm and life-giving sun, give us sweet raisins, flavorful vinegar, and of course, the art of winemaking. According to legend, once upon a time in an old French monastery, the stingy monks didn’t waste the grape cake remaining after the wine expression. They cleaned the grape seeds from the pulp, put them under pressure, and the result exceeded all expectations! Voila; light and liquid oil with gentle, golden-green color and delicate nut aroma are ready. Ever since both the haute cuisine chefs and the reigning beauties appreciated the actual value of the grapeseed oil, this oil possesses a delicious taste and many valuable properties for the skin. The complex of fatty acids determines its high biological activity:
    - Linoleic acid (Omega-6) is responsible for lipid exchange.
    - Oleic acid (Omega-9) affects metabolism.
    - Palmitic acid helps to retain moisture in the skin.
    A substance called proanthocyanidin (which is related to bioflavonoids) and vitamins E and P is a powerful anti-oxidant. They prevent the formation of free radicals. Thanks to these elements, the grapeseed oil is an anti-inflammatory, wound healing, and protective remedy, prolonging youth and skin health. The chlorophyll pigment provides the green color of the oil. It tones the skin, increases cell metabolism, and stimulates tissue regeneration.
    Contained in Oil 60+, Aphrodite Bath Oil, Gaya Bath Oil, Venus Bath Oil.

  • W

  • Wheat Amino Acids
    by-cosmetics Wheat Amino Acids

    Wheat protein (phytochelatin and phytopeptides) is a combination of active high molecular weight amino acids (glutamine, proline, serine, glycine, arginine) that have proven to be effective beauty ingredients. The amino acids that makeup wheat proteins are similar to human ones that form our skin and hair. That is why the epidermis perfectly absorbs wheat proteins, strengthen the hair structure, and even out the skin microrelief. Also, amino acids help maintain the optimal pH level of the epidermis and NMF (natural moisturizing factor), support the protective barrier and local skin immunity, and inhibit the action of free radicals.
    Contained in OMNIA Hair Mask.

  • Z

  • Zea Mays Starch
    by-cosmetics Cornstarch

    Cornstarch is used in deodorants to absorb excess moisture and reduce perspiration, thereby making you feel dry and comfortable. It also has the ability to eliminate the odor of sweat, making it ideal for use in natural deodorants.
    Using cornstarch in natural deodorants is one of the best ways to protect your skin from sweat and odor without disturbing your natural perspiration process.
    Additionally, it is worth noting that cornstarch is also a gelling agent that gives the texture of the deodorant the desired consistency. Thanks to this, the deodorant is easily applied to the skin and spreads well without leaving greasy marks or a sticky feeling.
    Contained in Only You Women's Deodorant & Only You Men's Deodorant.

  • Zingiber Officinale Rhizome Extract (Ginger)
    by-cosmetics ginger

    Ginger oil effectively cleanses the skin, eliminating inflammation, increases energy, cleanses and tightens pores heals wounds bruises. It accelerates cell regeneration helps to forget about the "orange peel" effect. Ginger fragrance warms up, banishing indifference and apathy.
    Contained in Cayenne Body Mask.

  • Zingiber Officinale Root Oil (Ginger)
    by-cosmetics ginger

    Ginger oil effectively cleanses the skin, eliminating inflammation, increases energy, cleanses and tightens pores heals wounds bruises. It accelerates cell regeneration helps to forget about the "orange peel" effect. Ginger fragrance warms up, banishing indifference and apathy.
    Contained in Cayenne Body Mask, in balm for inhalation Dragon Breath, One Love Body Butter, shampoo for straight hair Silk Dreams for Oily Hair & Ginger Essential Oil.

  • Zinc Oxide
    by-cosmetics zinc oxide

    ZnO is a pure natural mineral of high quality, which has a broad and diverse range of actions and can solve almost any cosmetic task. This sunblock agent reflects and scatters ultraviolet radiation and covers virtually all waves between 100 and 400 nm in length (UV-A and UV-B). It protects against sunburn and prevents premature aging of the skin. Regulates the sebaceous glands, reducing the enzyme activity (5 alpha reductase), which provokes an increased sebum production. Especially effective for oily skin care and acne treatment. It has a soothing, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic effect that promotes the rapid healing of wounds and abrasions, ideal for children's and sensitive skin.
    Contained in Matahari Sunblock SPF 30, Only You Women's Deodorant, Only You Men's Deodorant.

  • Zinc Ricinoleate
    by-cosmetics Zinc Ricinoleate

    It is a zinc salt that is made from castor oil. It is widely used in natural deodorants for its ability to remove sweat-related odors and make deodorants more effective.
    Zinc Ricinoleate works by binding to odor molecules produced by bacteria on the skin during sweating. It does not kill bacteria, but simply removes the odors they create.
    Overall, Zinc Ricinoleate is an effective and safe ingredient that helps eliminate sweat odor and provides freshness throughout the day.
    Contained in Only You Women's Deodorant & Only You Men's Deodorant.