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frequently asked questions

  • Company

  • The Concept

    by-cosmetics is a 100% natural cosmetics brand, which is fully manufactured in Indonesia (Bali).

    "Fresh food for your skin!", that is the company's motto. In production, we use over 150 plant and natural herbal ingredients of the highest quality, collected in eco-friendly areas all over the world: living seaweeds, fresh aloe juice, essential oils of ginger, magnolia, vanilla, cinnamon, and rosemary; jojoba, coconut, cocoa oils and many more. All synthetic, harmful, or even neutral components are excluded from the formulas of our cosmetics.

  • Philosophy

    Cosmetics can be called the food, or nutrition, for the skin. Given this, anyone who uses cosmetics should know what is included in its composition. The ingredients of all products of by-cosmetics are listed both on the package and on the company's website. Our company works openly. We do no animal testing and environmentally friendly. We care about the planet. There is no inorganic waste-derived throughout the manufacturing process; for packaging, we use cosmetic aluminum, which is almost wholly recycling.

  • What is the unique advantage of the brand?

    Our company is the only one in the world, which uses in the formulations FRESH deep-dwelling seaweeds. These unique marine plants provide an instant lifting effect for the skin and give a powerful impetus to cell regeneration.

  • The natural cosmetics is different from organic?

    The term "organic" applies to cosmetics, and it means that during the growth of plants comprising the products were not used pesticides, fertilizers hydrocarbon (petroleum-based), the plants were not exposed to wastewater, not GMOs are not exposed to radiation, etc.

    There is a particular voluntary certification system to confirm the organic origin of the cosmetic ingredients.

    The company by-cosmetics confirmed that it manufactured cosmetics made from components, some of which are organic, and has certificates confirming this manufacturer. However, another, and a large part of the ingredients used by by-cosmetics growing in the wild (coconuts, seaweed, etc.), so-called "wild plants", can not be certified as organic, and it would be cheating to claim the complete organic composition.

    However, the company strictly monitors the quality of the raw materials used in the manufacture of cosmetics. It always pays attention to the reputation of suppliers, sustainability of their production, and packaging.

  • Eco-friendly cosmetics: the global trend or marketing gag?

    Today, more and more people take an interest in the issues of a good nutrition, healthy lifestyle and environment care.

    The ecology movement is on the rise, and on the wave of its popularity there is a huge number of companies, providing the whole range of eco-friendly goods and services, from "super-foods" to eco-fashion and cosmetics. If the manufacturers walk the line and follow what they claim in the advertisement, then such natural products, surely, will bring only the benefit to the customers and our planet. Natural cosmetics help to maintain healthy skin and renew its youth, using the power of nature. The regular cosmetics designed only to mask the external defects, and sometimes this "false front" can do more harm than good to the skin.

    Unfortunately, this concept is often used only for marketing purposes, and unscrupulous cosmetic companies deliberately mislead their consumers, filling the store shelves with pseudo-natural "green" cosmetics. For example, the mere phrase "Provence cosmetics" can cause a false association with naturality and environmental friendliness for the consumer. The brand attributes, such as packaging, labels, interior design for the retail stores, or advertising materials are often developed in the so-called "eco-style", causing the feeling of the natural origin of such goods and, as a consequence, their benefit for the skin. However, buying natural cosmetics should not rely primarily on advertising but on its composition. The manufacturer must indicate the complete list of ingredients on the label, according to the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI).

  • Factory

  • Why is the factory located in Indonesia?

    Indonesia is a gold mine of the unique bounty of Mother Nature. This country is situated in the equatorial and sub-equatorial climatic zones. Most of the ingredients that we use in the production grow there. Therefore, we can get all the benefits from these tropical plants right after it was harvested, without drying, freezing, or long transportation.

  • Contract manufacturing

    If you represent a professional brand and are looking for a company to produce cosmetics according to your recipes, or you are thinking of creating your own eco-friendly cosmetics brand, then by-cosmetics offers you contract manufacturing of 100% natural effective cosmetics. We are experienced in developing from scratch and manufacturing our own brand of 100% natural cosmetics and have two modern factories in Bali. We provide a full cycle of turnkey works: from formulation development to packaging and shipment to any part of the world.

  • Is the factory certified?

    All our products are certified in Indonesia (BPOM), Europe (CPNP), EEC, and other countries (complete list) as 100% natural cosmetics and meets all European quality standards for green cosmetics.

  • Are your cosmetics animal-friendly?

    Yes, all our cosmetics are animal-friendly. There's no animal testing for our products.

  • Ingredients

  • How to read the composition of cosmetics upon purchase?

    The ingredients in the composition are listed in descending order of their amount. The element specified at the top of the list occupies the largest share in this cosmetic product. The packaging always shows the total composition of a cosmetic product in the language of the country of sale, indicating the names by the standards of International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI). Manufacturers display the name of a particular essential oil or extract in Latin. For the convenience of customers, they write in-between parentheses the common name of this ingredient (for example, Anthemis Nobilis (Chamomile) Flower Oil).

  • How are products stored?

    For the production of our assortment range, we use more than 150 different plants and plant extracts. Each product or ingredient is stored in refrigerators or a cold room, based on the characteristics. Some ingredients we gather directly from the plantations.

  • Are there any preservatives added?

    We use as preservatives only plant-based natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, rosemary oil, geranium oil, manuka oil, etc.

  • Products

  • Which products are more suitable for dry skin?

    Facial Foam Cleanser - for nightly cleansing.

    Tonic Fresh - for everyday use.

    Mask Beauty - to cleanse and nourish the skin as and when necessary.
    Also, for a more profound lifting and moisturizing effect, you can use the mask Facelift facial mask (2-3 times a week or 10-14 days courses daily).

    Hydrate For Dry-Normal Skin - for morning moisturizing (apply on the wet skin)
    Hydrate Paradise - suitable for all skin types for morning moisturizing and protection. We recommend this product for mature skin with visible signs of aging.

    Oils for different ages 20+, 30+, 40+, 50+, 60+ for the evening care, nourishment, and epidermis recovery. (apply on the wet skin).

    Scrub Milky Way - for peeling and cleansing (once a week).

    Serum - every day all over the face, or for the eye zone only.

  • Which products are more suitable for oily skin?

    Facial Foam Cleanser Tropical Line - for nightly cleansing.

    Tonic Fresh - for everyday use.

    Cleansing Mask Detox/Decos - to cleanse and nourish the skin as and when necessary, or 2-3 times a week for further care
    and (or)
    Royal Peeling Mask with fruit acids - use 2-3 times a week or 10-14 days daily for 10 minutes for more profound skin renewal.
    and (or)
    Beauty Repairing Mask – use it twice a week as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with the Royal facial mask.

    Hydrate For Oily-Combination Skin - for morning moisturizing (apply on the wet skin).
    Hydrate Paradise - suitable for all skin types as a morning moisturizing and protection. We recommend this product for mature skin with visible signs of aging.

    Facial Oils for different ages 20+, 30+, 40+, 50+, 60+ for the evening care, nourishment, and epidermis recovery. (apply on the wet skin).

    Scrub for face Vanilla Sky - peeling and cleansing (once a week).

    Serum for face - every day all over the face, or for the eye zone only.

  • What set of products should I use for aged skin?

    Facial Foam Cleanser Tropical Line - for nightly cleansing.

    Tonic Fresh - for everyday use.

    Facelift facial mask – for more profound lifting and moisturizing effect (use it 2-3 times a week or 10-14 days daily).

    Royal Peeling Mask with fruit acids - use 2-3 times a week or 10-14 days daily for 10 minutes for deeper skin renewal.

    Beauty Repairing Mask - for the nourishment and renewal of the skin. Use it twice a week or daily until noticeable improvement in the skin condition. Apply it as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with the Royal facial mask.

    Hydrate For Dry-Normal Skin – for morning moisturizing and protection (apply on the wet skin).
    Hydrate Paradise - suitable for all skin types as a morning moisturizing and protection. We recommend this product for mature skin with visible signs of aging.

    Facial Oils for different ages 30+, 40+, 50+, 60+ for the evening care, nourishment, and epidermis recovery. (apply on the wet skin).

    Facial scrub Milky Way - for peeling and cleansing (once a week).

    Serum - every day all over the face, or for the eye zone only.

  • Problem skin with acne. What to do?
    The first thing we advise you to do is clean the food! It is important to stop the intake of food toxins that are inherent in the cleanliness of the intestine. Remember, a healthy gut equals beautiful skin! Pure sugars, refined oils, products of foreign bodies (meat, milk) - this is all that pollutes our body!

    With the help of cosmetics, you can HELP the skin, but often the cause must be sought and treated from the inside.

    Use of cleansers containing sulfates, silicones, glycols, paraffins, ethanol, etc. Such products degrease the skin, violate the integrity of the stratum corneum, cleanse the acid mantle of the skin, which protects our epidermis, and maintains a constant constant - the pH of our skin (acid-base balance). Thus, by hyper-cleansing the skin, we change the acid-base balance, which leads to a violation of the microbiome and a decrease in local skin immunity, which in turn causes inflammation, peeling and acne.

    Wrong cleansers strip our skin of its protective layer, so it overproduces sebum to restore pH and skin becomes oily or combination. The sebaceous glands cannot cope with a large amount of sebum and hence the blockage of the sebaceous ducts and, as a result, closed comedones and acne follow.

    Also, you need to know that you can wash your face with cleansers only ONCE A DAY. No matter how natural your skin care products are, you should not peel off the protective layer of the epidermis once again. In the morning, just wash your face with water, using the silk washcloth, it gently cleanses the skin without disturbing the acid-base balance and also acts as a gentle exfoliator!

    It is the set of products that will help problem skin:
    silk washcloth Silken Touch, Facial Foam Cleanser, tonic Fresh, Royal Peeling Mask, raw seaweed mask Detox/Decos, Hydrate For Oily-Combination Skin, Clove essential oil, Tea Tree essential oil.

  • Why do I need to warm the mask upon a steam bath?

    Our masks are made from fresh raw ingredients without heat processing or the addition of any synthetic preservatives, and their shelf life is short. That is why you must store the masks in a cool place, and before application, you should "awake" the active ingredients with the heat. So all the nutritious components of the mask will be able to do their best for your skin.

  • What masks can be applied around the eye zone?

    Masks Facelift and Beauty. Do not apply it too close to the lash line.

  • Are your cosmetics addictive?

    No, they are not. Our cosmetic products are entirely made of 100% natural herbal ingredients that give your skin an instant effect of rejuvenation, purity, and freshness.

  • At what age shall I start using the lifting masks?

    It is essential to pay attention primarily to the condition of the skin, not to the age. Sometimes using the lifting masks can be recommended at the age of 30. Even at the age of 35, you can get along without it.

  • Why do I have skin redness right after using facial masks?

    The rosemary extract, which is included in all facial masks compositions, improves blood microcirculation and cellular metabolism. Temporary redness, which can last from 5 to 30 minutes after application (all individual), is not an allergic reaction. That’s the expected outcome, the effect h we’ve sought to ensure that our natural remedies worked. Due to this exposure, rejuvenation, cleansing, toning, and nourishing take course.

  • Are your cosmetics safe?

    For the production of cosmetics, we do not use harmful and suspicious components. Only natural ingredients with an evidence base of effectiveness and safety may be present in our formulations.

  • Can the by-cosmetics products cause allergic reactions?

    People with sensitive skin can use all range of our products. However, we recommend testing your skin for individual intolerance before applying. Apply a small amount of the product to the wrist or bend of the elbow for 10 minutes. In the absence of redness and itching, you can safely use your favorite products upon the recommendations for use.

  • Can pregnant or nursing women use these cosmetic products?

    Oh sure. Our cosmetics are entirely natural. Therefore it's safe for the mother and the baby. The exception is the anti-cellulite Cayenne mask: it can't be used in pregnancy's first and last trimester.

  • What product should I choose for the eye-contour care?

    Serum for face is the perfect choice for eye-contour care. Also, you can use one of our facial Hydrates: composed of light and hypoallergenic oils, providing excellent eye zone care.

  • What is Hydrate?

    Hydrates are an ideal alternative to a day facial creams, suitable for sensitive skin around the eyes. This light mixture absorbs rapidly and provides intensive nourishment and moisturizing, protecting the skin against adverse environmental effects based on jojoba, apricot kernel, and avocado oils. It improves metabolism, restores the tone and the structure of the skin. It possesses strong antioxidant properties, and its formula can penetrate deep into the epidermis with no pore-clogging. It lets the skin breathe, restoring its elasticity and even color. The hydrates contain such rare and precious essential oils as magnolia and ylang-ylang oils. Together with the rosemary extracts, they prevent premature aging processes in the skin, slowing down the destruction of collagen and elastin fibers.

    Hydrate from the by-cosmetics is not the substitution for the tonic or serum. It's used instead of face cream. You can apply hydrate using the serum, if you feel that your skin is not moisturized enough.

  • How should I apply the facial oil?

    Could be applied Any oil to the dry or wet skin. Rub it between your palms to reveal the aroma of essential oils. The required amount is chosen empirically and depends on the coverage area (face, neck, low neckline zone). The proper dosage leaves no greasy sheen but a healthy glow on your skin.

  • Do you have any sunscreen products?

    Yes, we have the universal Matahari sunscreen, which provides adequate sun protection with a broad spectrum of action against UVA and UVB rays. Our product has an optimal SPF30 coefficient and provides skin protection against UV by 97%. Also, it contains oils and extracts rich in vitamins and minerals with a pronounced antioxidant effect. Safe for use by pregnant women and children.

  • Are there any UV filters in the body butter?

    Yes, there are UV filters in the body butter. But this is very light sun protection provided by the natural oils, and their protective factor is less than SPF10. To achieve a higher level of protection, we would have to use synthetic ingredients, contrary to our approach to the production of cosmetics. Our recommendation is to reduce exposure to the sun, especially in its active phase, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • What cosmetics can remove age spots?

    Prolonged use of the Royal mask will make dark spots less visible and the skin tone more even.

  • Which products are suitable for flaky and irritated skin?

    To solve this problem, use the duet of two facial masks, Royal and Beauty . Take them on the same day, sequentially one after another. Apply the Royal peeling mask first, then after 15-20 minutes, rinse it with water, and then apply the Beauty facial mask and rinse it after 30-40 minutes. Repeat this treatment 2-3 times per week to improve the skin condition significantly, and then repeat it once a week as supportive care.

  • Storage

  • What is the proper way to store by-cosmetics natural products?

    Concerning the shelf life and storage conditions, our products are divided into two categories:
    1) Storage life is 1 - 2 years at room temperature: facial scrubs, body butter, facial foam cleanser, hydrates, facial oils, lip balm, shaving cream, and sunblock cream.
    2) Storage life is 4 - 6 months in the refrigerator (do not freeze !!!) at 3-7 C° temperature: facial and body masks (Beauty, Cayenne, Detox/Decos, Facelift, Royal), tonic Fresh, and Serum. After opening the protective membrane, all masks can last in the fridge for up to 45-60 days.

    Please always pay attention to the expiration date and storage method, especially those items that should be stored in the refrigerator (Beauty, Cayenne, Detox/Decos, Facelift, Royal, tonic Fresh Tonic for face, and Serum for face). We use only natural preservatives in these compositions, such as rosemary essential oil or tea tree essential oil, without any synthetic agents. Therefore these products can not resist the exposure of the aggressive environment for a long time.

    If your order these perishable products, please pay close attention to their quality when you receive the goods. Please fill out the feedback form on our website in case of any defects, indicating the heart of the problem, the order date, the date of actual delivery, and the product code. After we obtain a more complete and thorough understanding of all the circumstances, we will exchange a damaged product promptly.

  • Can I take cosmetics on a trip?

    All products, except the masks Beauty, Cayenne, Detox/Decos, Facelift, Royal, Fresh Tonic for face, and Serum for face can be stored and transported at room temperature. About the transportation of perishable products, you can read in the paragraph below, "What is the proper way to store by-cosmetics natural products?"

  • What is the proper way to transport by-cosmetics natural products?

    If you travel by plane, we recommend you to put perishable products (raw masks Beauty, Cayenne, Detox/Decos, Facelift, Royal, Fresh tonic for face, and Serum for face) in your luggage at the last moment. Please remember: these products must be kept in the refrigerator up until the moment you leave your apartment. The luggage compartment stays cold during the flight, and our raw products have a "safety buffer" even for the 24-hours interval without refrigeration, but it's always better to minimize this time. All other items are stored at room temperature, and you can transport them without any problems.

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