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Juniper essential oil

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by-cosmetics JuniperBotanical name: Juniperus communis.
Aroma: fresh, woody, sweet, earthy, fruity.
Produce: method water distillation.
Topically: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antibacterial, antifungal, carminative, diuretic, stress-resistant.

Externally: relieves skin irritation caused by rashes and eczema, removes acne, reduces scars and stretch marks, antimicrobial activity against various bacteria, fungi and yeast.

Internally: for stomach problems (including ulcers, chest pain and indigestion), as a carminative (reduces intestinal gas), promotes appetite and digestion; helps to heal indigestion and to ensure proper secretion and outflow of bile, gastric juice and acids.

Inhalation: helps in the fight against a runny nose, unclogs the sinuses, relieves stress and tension.

Aromatically: the aroma of juniper awakens and tones, helps to take a fresh look at life and clarifies the mind. This essential oil helps to find a creative approach to solving urgent life problems, eliminates destructive emotions, has a beneficial effect on the psyche, and helps to recover from stressful situations and psycho-emotional trauma. This is one of the oils associated with the energy of the family, reminiscent of eternal values. Juniper oil helps to realize and accept the shadow sides and fears, as well as the energy blocked in them for growth and development.

At the bioenergetic level, the aroma of juniper is comparable to the feeling after swimming in a clear mountain lake. It awakens the purity of intentions and the perfection of the spirit, helps to form the integrity of the personality and aura, filling them with net vibrations.

- for healing wounds, relieving spasms, carminative effect - 2-3 drops per 1 tablespoon of base oil (coconut) and apply pointwise;
- compresses for joint pain and various injuries - 3-5 drops;
- for massage for sprains and rheumatism 4-6 drops per 1 tablespoon of base oil (coconut);
- inhalation - drop 1-2 drops on each palm, rub them lightly into each other, then cover your nose with your palms and inhale deeply to relieve stress and tension - this will help you regain strength and regroup to find peace again;
- for an aroma lamp - 3-4 drops (relieving nervous tension, improving concentration, reducing anxiety, increasing efficiency);
- for an aromatic bath - 3-4 drops per 1 tablespoon of base oil (coconut);
- for baths and saunas 3-5 drops;
- to freshen carpet, toilet, car and furniture, mix a few drops of essential oil with a little water in a spray bottle;
- inside for a cold in tea, 2 drops of oil mixed with a teaspoon of honey.


Consult with your doctor before use! Pregnant and lactating women are advised to temporarily refrain from using this essential oil.

Storage: store at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight.
Volume: 7ml, 25ml

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